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UMN receives low score on black student graduation rates

In a recent study on black students' representation and performance in comparison to their peers at public colleges, the University of Minnesota performed above average in most categories but earned a failing grade for black student six-year graduation rates.

Diggin' the St. Paul campus: UMN students judge dirt as pastime

On the St. Paul campus, a group of students often climbs into pits in the dirt, taking samples, doing tests and recording measurements on the soil that they find. While this may look strange to observers, it is routine for the University of Minnesota’s Soil Judging Team.

Doctors Without Borders puts on exhibit on refugee life.

The Commons park outside U.S. Bank Stadium was transformed into a faux refugee camp last week. Visitors were given a new identity and were allowed to take five items with them as they walked along a makeshift trail and traded their belongings for safety and resources.