Palmer Haasch


Haasch: How to live with others

I met my freshman roommate over Facebook. It was May 2015, just before we graduated from high school. We connected after I posted in the class of 2019 Facebook group. It was the first time I had ever been obligated to share a room, and knowing my roommate in advance assuaged some of my fears.

Haasch: We need more of Terry Crews’ masculinity

Terry Crews wears many hats; actor, Old Spice guy, former NFL player and father are just a few of them. The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star is also an open survivor of sexual assault and a vocal advocate. Spurred on by the initial news about Harvey Weinstein’s long history as an abuser, Crews came forward last October with his own story of sexual assault. 

Haasch: Internet toxicity should not be a given

Saying that internet spaces are awful in response to incidents of harassment abdicates blame from those who perpetuate harmful content. Blaming the internet and the victim for existing on the internet doesn’t get us anywhere. All it does is shift blame away from those who deserve it.  

Haasch: It takes strides to settle into a new place

The cities that I’ve lived in over the past year have all been fairly large, and it’s been easy to feel lost in an urban sea of people. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as lonely as I did sitting alone in my apartment in a metropolis of 4 million people. So without further ado, here are my survival strategies for settling into a new city, no matter how temporarily you’re living there. 

Haasch: We need to talk about intersex inclusion

The LGBTQ community encapsulates a wide variety of identities that fall outside normative understandings of gender, sex and sexuality. Some of these identities are more represented than others in literature, advocacy and LGBTQ-centered programs. However, intersex identities and individuals are consistently left out of LGBTQ spaces and advocacy to the extent that some members of the LGBTQ community don’t know or understand what intersex means. 

Haasch: Fan content should support, not harm, idols

In general, fans need to consider their behavior toward their idols. I’m not saying that we need to stop producing fan content, but I am saying that we need to be respectful and considerate about the way we create and disseminate it. 

Haasch: Don’t remain neutral about net neutrality

A week ago, the Federal Communications Commission revealed their intent to break down regulations that protect equal internet access. This concept, better known as “net neutrality,” is crucial in ensuring that individuals have access to a wide variety of websites and services across the internet. Previously, FCC regulations passed in 2015 prevented internet carrier providers from differentiating and discriminating against how broadband is used. Now, under the leadership of FCC chairman Ajit Pai, these regulations are under threat and in turn, so is the sanctity of internet information access. 

Haasch: Start using gender-neutral language

It’s easy to miss the fact that the language we use is often heavily gendered. Phrases like, “hey guys” or “ladies and gentlemen” are commonplace but rely on notions of gender in order to produce meaning. Personally, I know that I still use gendered language on a regular basis. I say “you guys” probably multiple times a day without even thinking about it because it’s so ingrained into the way I speak and popular vernacular.