Rilyn Eischens


Proposal leaves some worried about who can be a part of UMN governance

A University of Minnesota committee’s proposal to add a representative from an outside organization has led some to question who belongs in school governance. A proposal from the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee (AF&T) to make a representative from the American Association of University Professors an official member has hit a roadblock in the Faculty Consultative Committee, which must approve the measure.

UMN officials consider shortening deadline for incomplete work

To help improve graduation and retention rates, University of Minnesota administrators and faculty are considering shortening the deadline for incomplete coursework by six months. Under the current policy, students have one year to finish work required to change incompletes, which are assigned instead of an “F” when students can’t finish coursework due to extraordinary circumstances.

Changes to FAFSA apps lead to slowdown for UMN, other colleges

A change in the federal student aid application has been causing headaches and slowdowns in some colleges’ financial aid offices this year. Updates to Free Application for Federal Student Aid requirements have forced some student aid administrators to sort out data discrepancies by hand, a process that can be time-consuming when hundreds of applications are affected.

Federal guidelines may help adjuncts receive unemployment benefits between terms

After nearly six years of pressure from a faculty advocacy group, updated unemployment insurance guidelines from the federal government may make it easier for adjunct faculty to collect benefits between academic terms. Activists say this change — the first of its kind since 1986 — will ease financial strain on part-time instructors who are often employed on a semester-to-semester basis.

Obama administration issues last set of guidelines for campus sexual assault

As the Barack Obama administration neared its end, it issued one last set of guidelines for higher education administrators to consider in addressing sexual assault. The letter — part of the Obama administration’s push for colleges and universities to take aggressive action — encouraged schools to continue to aggressively work to stem sexual assault on campuses.

First stories from Transgender Oral History Project published; aim to archive marginalized voices

A few years ago, University of Minnesota librarian Lisa Vecoli noticed that her collection lacked stories from transgender and gender-nonconforming people. “We have much more content about cis-gendered gay, white men than we have ... about lesbians, people of color, the transgender community and the bi, pan, fluid, omni-plus communities,” said Vecoli, curator of the Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender studies. She designed the Transgender Oral History Project.