Sally Hedberg


The Fashionista is in: confronting your gift-giving dilemmas with style

The holiday season presents us, as consumers, with a dichotomy. First, thereâÄôs the positive: cheerful lights draped all over the city, peppermint mochas, elaborately decorated department stores and, naturally, limited edition lip color (see: MAC). ThatâÄôs the fun side of holiday season materialism.

Take that, Rewind it back….

WHAT: Rewind Vintage Showcase WHEN: 7 p.m., Saturday WHERE: Rewind Vintage, 2829 Johnson St. NE, Minneapolis COST: Free

Social network of style

What: Glama Gala Holiday Party When: 7 p.m., Saturday Where: Four SeasonâÄôs Dance Studio, 1637 Hennepin Ave. S., Minneapolis Cost: $10/$15 at the door

The Fashionista is in: cultivate your style

Style can be a nebulous thing. You either have âÄúitâÄù or you donâÄôt. And there is no one universal path to becoming stylish, because looks vary so much from person to person. Look at it this way: Rooney Mara and Beyoncé would have a hard time sharing a wardrobe. Regardless of this indistinctiveness, style is something that we want and strive for. Inevitably, somewhere along the gritty, inward journey to self-fashion-actualization, you will find yourself facing off (probably in front of a mirror) with that singular loaded question: Do I have style?

The Fashionista is in: Winter makeup

Thanksgiving has passed, which means that itâÄôs totally appropriate to start compiling your seasonal wish lists. And though you probably shouldnâÄôt keep your fingers crossed for a whirlwind romance with Ryan Gosling (please, Santa?) what is realistic to fawn over is makeup. I mean, whatâÄôs not to love? If thereâÄôs any time to splurge on that Chanel lipstick youâÄôve been eyeing, itâÄôs now âÄî especially taking into account this winterâÄôs lively makeup trends. HereâÄôs the 411 on fall/winter face candy. Metallics

Crossing the panty line

  ItâÄôs safe to assume that most people can rattle off the name of a fashion designer/house thatâÄôs known for its ready to wear or couture. ThatâÄôs because when it comes to appreciating fashion, thatâÄôs the kind of design thatâÄôs most acknowledged. Notions of âÄúfashion designâÄù immediately link to thoughts of eveningwear, dresses and wearable âÄúlooks.âÄù

Brother Act

  What: Askov Finlayson Where: 200 N. First  St., Minneapolis

First rate Mates

  WHAT: Mates of State WHEN: 8 p.m., tomorrow WHERE: Fine Line Music Café, 318 First Ave. N., Minneapolis COST: $18/$20  

Album review: "Take Care" by Drake

The current state of the hip-hop union is in flux. Mod­ern technology, a prolif­eration of whiz-kid producers and, quite simply, the talent itself has pushed sounds and structures to new, intelligent, multi-dimensional heights. (Remember âÄúMy Beauti­ful Dark Twisted FantasyâÄù?) Additionally, the tension be­tween indie and âÄúlamestreamâÄù culture continues to dissolve. Artists that were once snubbed are gaining a new level of respect. More deserving of this than any­one right now as he approaches the release of his second LP âÄúTake Care,âÄù is fresh Young Mon­ey golden boy Drake.