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Study: Dirty dorms could lead to prolonged health effects

Dirty dorm rooms have always been a hassle, but a recent study shows dusty floors might have other risks. A study by Dr. Robin Dodson of the Silent Spring Institute released last month shows carcinogens in fire retardants used on dorm furniture can work its way into dust in the room.

UMN to drop clunky Wi-Fi network, UofM Secure, for faster option

The University of Minnesota will soon drop its notoriously slow Wi-Fi network — UofM Secure. Starting this month and continuing through the end of the year, the University’s Office of Information Technology will bolster Wi-Fi services across all five of the University’s campuses. Called the Next Generation Network Project, changes consist of eliminating UofM Secure and opening up more server space to create faster internet speeds through a Wi-Fi network called ‘eduroam.’ “We identified that the students wanted a change, and really it was time to update the system,” said Louis Hammond, University IT service owner.

UMN student co-op's rape culture signs spur mixed reactions

Residents at the Students’ Cooperative began placing signs in their front yard at the beginning of the spring semester with phrases like, “frat boys: stop raping people.” Members say the displays — located on University Avenue and fraternity row — have drawn concern from greek life members and gratitude from survivors.

UMN students struggle with leases from campus-area apartments

Some University of Minnesota students are struggling with confusion over specific terms on leases and promises from campus-area landlords. This school year, the University Student Legal Service has seen an influx in cases where a student loses a space in the apartment because management has already given it to someone else.

UMN Cryptocurrency Club discusses alternative banking trends

The University of Minnesota’s Cryptocurrency Club is tracking trends in alternative banking one meeting at a time. Headed by second-year computer science major Ethan Schulz, the club meets sporadically and holds discussions centered around alternate forms of electronic payment technology.