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Dinkytown introduces 'Dinky the Elephant'

“That’s the one — let’s breathe some life back into it,” said Hector Cortes the moment he laid eyes on the elephant that would become Dinkytown’s new mascot. In a recent video that has garnered over 40,000 views, the Dinkytown Business Alliance (DBA) unveiled its new mascot, “Dinky the Elephant.” The concept and video were created by the media company Hecco — launched by Cortes, a former University of Minnesota student. After a 2013 Dinkytown melee following the Gophers men’s hockey loss in the NCAA Frozen Four final, the neighborhood has looked to improve public relations, Cortes said. Over the summer, Hecco was tasked with finding ways to connect University alumni with current students. “We want to reach people that haven’t been to Dinkytown in a while in addition to the students so people that haven’t been there in a while remember how fun it is to come to Dinkytown,” said DBA Coordinator, Katie Thering.

Chain restaurants in Stadium Village on the rise

Businesses in the University of Minnesota’s Stadium Village neighborhood have faced extreme turnover in recent years. The area’s mainstay restaurants have given way to new chain locations and luxury apartments, which — along with the additions of TCF Bank Stadium and the Green Line train — have drastically changed the neighborhood’s composition. Ward 2 City Council member Cam Gordon said he has mixed feelings on the area’s rapid new development, lamenting closures of independent shops like Bun Mi, Big 10, Espresso Expose and Abdul’s Afandy.

Protesters call for boycott of Varsity Theater, Loring Pasta Bar

About 40 demonstrators lined the sidewalk between the Varsity Theater and the Loring Pasta Bar Saturday, quietly holding signs and talking with passersby. The protest was meant to educate the campus community of the sexual abuse allegations against the businesses’ owner, Jason McLean, said the organizer, Sarah Super.

FloCo Fusion cuts down on game day tailgating

Ahead of the Gophers football game Saturday morning, FloCo Fusion residents and guests played beer pong and mingled in the building’s courtyard, some sipping wine out of plastic bags. But in a shift from previous years, security capped attendance at 100 around 9:30 a.m.

'Everybody knows about it, nobody wants to talk about it'

With her pants pulled down, and skin covered in mock injuries, University of Minnesota student Madison Estuesta demonstrated what victims of “20 minutes of action” can look like. Around 60 students gathered on the mall outside Coffman Memorial Union, and lied down to show support for sexual assault victim-survivors.

Police officers join zombie ranks

Clutching a Nerf gun, University of Minnesota police Dispatch Officer Jeff Lessard sprinted through an open path in the University of Minnesota Field House.  

U-area hit by robberies and car break-ins

Cellphones were a popular target for thieves last week across the University of Minnesota and its surrounding areas.     At least three cellphones have been stolen since last week.