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Venkata: What Michelle Obama means

If you haven’t noticed already, take the time to look and you will see that Michelle Obama’s new memoir “Becoming” has renewed a quiet wave of emotion for the former first lady. I would say there’s something about her personality that does it, but it’s not just one thing, it’s everything.

Venkata: One small piece of the kids-and-phones puzzle

Not every kid is umbilically and emotionally attached to their cell phone, and not every parent makes a habit out of scrolling mindlessly through an iPhone through a toddler’s tantrum. But there is enough to make this into a general developmental concern.

Venkata: Sen. Elizabeth Warren's DNA debacle

When the going gets tough — and it sure is, for every single contender in the upcoming midterms — we can sometimes make snap judgments, or even heavily meditated ones, that in retrospect were wrong. Sometimes we mean one thing, but accidentally and loudly say something else.

Venkata: Spend our time wisely

If anything will break my heart, it isn’t Darnell Epps’s moving New York Time's opinion piece about his life during and after an approximately 17-year stint in prison. It’s the comments. 

Venkata: Humans caused climate change, but we can also mitigate it

Climate scientists’ prognosis for the future is so daunting and demoralizing that it takes uncommon strength to confront the problem head-on. Another saddening outcome is that most people, especially the ones in political and industrial power with the ability to help most, reject this problem altogether and pretend that it’s all drivel anyway. Of all responses to a terrifying problem, that is probably the most dangerous.

Venkata: Incorporating a Marriage 101 should be a no-brainer

I have said things to the people I love most in this world that I would give anything to go back and stop myself from saying. By hurting those I love, inadvertently or not, I’ve always done more or unintended damage. It’s taken 20 years and counting to realize that the problem isn’t the other person — it’s me and not knowing how to process my own feelings or understand where others are coming from. 

Venkata: Don't nix it: vote like your whole world depends on it

I could continue to list the current state of affairs and spend pages drawing parallels between then and now. But the only one constant that I think immediately matters, in a concise, heavy, battering-ram way, is President Nixon’s campaign slogan: “Vote like your whole world depended on it.”

Venkata: Hide your kids, hide your Wi-Fi

Most students in their young, fun-oriented lives are not focused on having children. But bringing kids into the picture might help put a security issue into perspective.