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Venkata: Please move the Lind Hall piano

Music is a noble passion, and playing piano in particular is a wonderful pursuit. Music is said to heal as many people as medicine does, and the piano is one of the most versatile and expressive instruments at our disposal. It’s a wonderful thing to practice. But does it really have to be in Lind Hall?

Venkata: One more entry to Harvey Weinstein’s list

Months ago, when Harvey Weinstein’s repugnant abuses were brought to light and catalyzed the #MeToo movement, Uma Thurman contributed that she was one of Weinstein’s many victims in the film industry. Thurman said that when she was ready, she would talk about it, and last week she did. Her discussion with Maureen Dowd was printed in the New York Times on Feb. 3. 

Venkata: There are no banned words

We must bear in mind that even though something jarring like banned words may sound characteristic of the administration, as a public, we must stay on the lookout and verify conclusions before jumping to them. 

Venkata: The media’s vital art of privacy

It’s important that all news platforms choose their content responsibly because, for better or worse, it plays a significant role in shaping public opinion. Because of this influence, it is vital for the public’s good that its opinion be well-informed and calm, not hysterical or desensitized enough to consume the pain of others as entertainment. 

Venkata: Put the fun in mutual funds

Our shopping habits are supported by our jobs — or parents, or really good significant others. But if we earned the money ourselves, there’s something we’re responsible to do: invest. Affordable, frequent investments early provide substantial payouts in the future.