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#Lake365 project aims to track lake changes with social media

Every day, University of Minnesota biologist Lesley Knoll takes a photo of Lake Itasca from the same spot in her office and tweets it out with “#Lake365.” Knoll, an Itasca Biological Station and Laboratories biologist, founded year-long photo project #Lake365 in January to document changes in Lake Itasca. Now, she and co-founder Sarah Princiotta from Murray State University hope the movement will catch on among scientists as a way to network, communicate about lake science and learn about other lakes.

UMN optimistic about reaching 2020 energy goals

In 2011, the University pledged to cut 50 percent of its carbon emissions by 2020. The institution has reduced carbon emissions by 23 percent, but officials are optimistic that improvements like the use of more solar panels and LED light bulbs will keep the institution on track.

UMN bioethics series to address opioid abuse

The Mini Bioethics Academy features faculty speakers discussing the opioid crisis, media portrayal and community engagement. Organizers hope the seminars — scheduled for Jan. 23, Jan. 30 and Feb. 6 — will help the public grasp varying aspects of the epidemic. 

UMN study sheds light on plastic sustainability

A study published this month by University of Minnesota researchers identified methods to recycle certain molecules found in plastics. The researchers’ findings show some plastics can be reverted back to monomers — single molecules — which are their purest components. This makes it possible to reuse the materials.