There are 14 major administrative offices overseeing various school functions reporting to the Board of Regents and the University’s president. The president is appointed by the board as the University’s top executive officer in charge of system-wide operations. Major administrative offices include University Services, Office of Budget and Finance, Human Resources and others.
Jan. 22, 2015
The state Legislature will vote this spring on who will fill the vacant board positions.
Jan. 20, 2015
A report found disparities in student experience, spurring new ideas to diversify campus. cafjsdjcacampucampus.
Dec. 19, 2014
The University will hold a dedication ceremony early next year to honor the name change.
  • Liz Anderson
Dec. 10, 2014
The four people in the running to lead the college all recently made their pitches on campus.
Dec. 10, 2014
Students have a voice in University policy decisions, but their actual power is unclear.
Dec. 09, 2014
The board put maintaining its autonomy from the state at the top of a list of pressing issues.
Dec. 08, 2014
Administrators and students say the reviews could improve the classroom environment.
Dec. 08, 2014
After a budget forecast predicts a state budget surplus of $1.23 billion, U officials hope to see $77 million.
Nov. 25, 2014
Professors who step up to lead departments often head back to research or faculty jobs.
Nov. 24, 2014
University surveys show peer-to-peer and faculty-to-student bullying has risen since 2007.
Nov. 13, 2014
The Grad School’s strategic plan includes goals to better serve its int’l students.
Nov. 12, 2014
A recent “cultural fiesta” on the St. Paul campus featured students and the school’s mascot dressed in ponchos and sombreros.
  • Liz Anderson
Nov. 11, 2014
Whose Diversity? has over 700 backing its demands, and Kaler has agreed to talk to the group.
Nov. 04, 2014
$34.5 million of the University’s biennial budget request would address health disparities and an aging population.
Oct. 27, 2014
The administrator has concern that the University isn’t adequately helping grieving students.


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