Apr. 12, 2016
Minneapolis icon R.T. Rybak chronicles his time in office with his book, "Pothold Confidential."
  • Austen Macalus
Mar. 24, 2016
Eliot Rahal’s new comic book, “The Doorman,” intertwines adventure, humor and heart.
Mar. 13, 2014
From essays to memoirs, an annual University event shows what it takes for writers to get their work published.
Nov. 07, 2013
A healthy and satisfying sex life doesn’t have to end when the Golden Years begin.
  • Tom Johnson
Oct. 10, 2013
A new book by the University of Minnesota Press details the history and influence of the Twin Cities’ African American theater company.
Oct. 03, 2013
Saiya Miller and Liza Bley just came out with a comic book all about sex – and it’s not hentai.
Sep. 26, 2013
Author Deborah Yaffe explores Jane Austen superfans in “Among the Janeities.”
Aug. 07, 2013
In “Brain on Fire,” Susannah Cahalan pieces together a lost month in her life after a mind-altering illness.
Jul. 24, 2013
Local author Jack El-Hai’s new work of nonfiction “The Nazi and the Psychiatrist” exposes an unexpected patient-doctor bond.
Jul. 10, 2013
The book tells the history of the movement founded in Minneapolis in 1968.
Jun. 26, 2013
Penny Petersen’s “Minneapolis Madams” aims to uncover the lost history of prostitution in the Mill City.
Jun. 26, 2013
Tao Lin’s tech-savvy characters in “Taipei” supposedly represent the current generation’s prevailing apathy.
Jun. 19, 2013
A&E spoke to the outspoken sex columnist about doling out constant advice he gives via “Savage Love.”
Jun. 05, 2013
Neal Karlen spills the secrets of Minneapolis mobsters like “Icepick Willie” and “Kid Cann” who dominated Hennepin Avenue in the 1940s and 50s.
Apr. 25, 2013
Slam poet Miles Walser gives A&E the goods on the Thursday release of his socially charged collection of poetry, “What the Night Demands.”


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