Feb. 26, 2015
University-area businesses attempt expansion with mixed success
Feb. 25, 2015
The organization hopes to include 80 percent of area businesses.
Feb. 19, 2015
Afro Deli has expanded from its original Cedar-Riverside location to a new storefront in downtown St. Paul.
Feb. 17, 2015
Jersey Mike’s is set to open by early April below the Marshall.
Feb. 11, 2015
The West Bank Business Association received $25,000 last month for tech upgrades and could get an additional $40,000.
Feb. 03, 2015
The Minnestoa Technical Assistance Program is currently accepting applications for its 2015 internship program.
Feb. 02, 2015
Comcast will withdraw from Minneapolis to follow FCC regulations.
  • Kelsey Christensen
Dec. 09, 2014
A new rule will require chains to show food calories, but that may not change buyers’ habits.
Nov. 25, 2014
More than 100 people turned out to a “Dinkytown Reunion” on Sunday, with many calling for the area to be deemed historic.
Nov. 18, 2014
A worldwide boost in demand for U.S. milk has raised costs, putting businesses in a pinch.
Nov. 12, 2014
McDonald’s, Target, Mesa Pizza, Blarney and Five Guys are among the businesses that have paid for security.
Nov. 04, 2014
The 22-year-old budding entrepreneur hopes to inspire and empower others with his “bright side of life” clothing line.
Nov. 03, 2014
Minneapolis residents will decide whether to repeal a rule requiring restaurants to generate a percentage of revenue from food.
Nov. 03, 2014
Pizza Studio will open its second restaurant in the Twin Cities area.
Oct. 30, 2014
More than five new establishments have taken an interest in the area.


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