Apr. 30, 2015
Hundreds of demonstrators gathered downtown on Wednesday
Mar. 03, 2015
A state Supreme Court case could restrict access to child maltreatment documentation.
Feb. 11, 2015
The department appointed the leaders of several committees aimed at restoring public trust.
Dec. 23, 2014
Charges say the two used a semi-automatic pistol in the robbery.
Nov. 27, 2014
The sophomore guard allegedly beat his girlfriend with a belt. He remained in jail Thursday morning.
Nov. 13, 2014
The man charged with killing a former University student was sentenced in a separate murder.
Nov. 06, 2014
The University claims that four top phone companies are illegally using technology developed in part by a University researcher.
Oct. 28, 2014
A trial for the man accused of killing former student Anarae Schunk started on Monday.
Oct. 22, 2014
About three-quarters of the Restorative Justice Community Action program’s U-area cases involve alcohol violations.
Nov. 19, 2013
On Monday, a state Senate committee reviewed processes for sentencing and treatment.
Nov. 16, 2013
Closing arguments were Friday.
Nov. 14, 2013
The discrimination trial continued Thursday.
Nov. 11, 2013
Legislators are suing Mark Ritchie for creating the system without legislative input.
Nov. 04, 2013
Former medical student Preeti Rajpal is alleging race- and disability-based discrimination.


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