Eric Kaler

University’s 16th president took office July 1st, 2011 during a tumultuous period for the school and the state. His first day on the job coincided with an ongoing state shutdown. A few days later he presented a budget to the Board of Regents that increased tuition and was heavy in cuts. He replaced former president Bob Bruininks.
Oct. 16, 2014
Out-of-state tuition will rise by $1,000 next year, and will continue to grow in coming years.
Oct. 15, 2014
It was renamed Tuesday in honor of a donation from the Minnesota Masonic Charities.
Oct. 08, 2014
The University has nearly $3 billion in estimated facility needs over the next decade.
Oct. 08, 2014
The University pays its top administrators lower salaries than many of its peers do, but some say pay for leaders of higher education institutions is far out of line.
Oct. 07, 2014
Also, two student bystanders tried to help a man who was being harassed.
Oct. 06, 2014
The strategic plan should include clearer diversity goals and implementation strategies, faculty say.
Oct. 06, 2014
He also addressed the declining condition of some University buildings and tuition for out-of-state students.
Sep. 25, 2014
The conference, which will take place in October 2015, centers on worldwide environmental policy.
Sep. 24, 2014
President Eric Kaler proposed a new request strategy that has seen mixed reviews from state legislators.
Sep. 17, 2014
Some groups are fighting the use of the Redskins nickname on campus.
Sep. 15, 2014
Tuition freeze could extend beyond undergrads
Sep. 08, 2014
He also hopes to keep the Washington Redskins’ name out of school materials when the team plays at on campus this fall.
Sep. 04, 2014
Land O’Lakes donated $25 million to the University of Minnesota on Tuesday.
Sep. 03, 2014
Land O’Lakes will receive naming rights on a new center for excellence.
Sep. 02, 2014
The University's president discussed expanding a longstanding academic alliance with two Norwegian schools.


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