Mar. 30, 2015
The finalists discussed their past experiences and goals for campus safety in public forums.
Mar. 30, 2015
A data organization is letting the University use its special satellite imagery for research.
Mar. 25, 2015
Tom Fisher, dean of the College of Design, hopes to continue as a leader on campus despite going by a different job title.
Mar. 25, 2015
The College of Liberal Arts is adding two associate dean jobs representing broad subjects.
Mar. 09, 2015
At a meeting Friday, many faculty members voiced concern with a report criticizing human subject research methods.
Mar. 09, 2015
U scientists discovered a new law of physics explaining how people interact in large groups.
Mar. 04, 2015
University professor Greg Lindsey is researching bike and pedestrian traffic.
Mar. 04, 2015
Evonne Bilotta-Burke also goes by the name BOOMbay Safire.
Mar. 04, 2015
Crookston faculty and staff who go back to school for another degree will have up to 75 percent of their tuition reimbursed.
Mar. 02, 2015
Three candidates discussed their success with fundraising and plans for the school.
Feb. 26, 2015
Faculty and students gathered Wednesday in support of better work conditions for adjuncts.
Feb. 24, 2015
The University is continuing a plan that aims to improve the school’s hiring processes.
Feb. 23, 2015
Local artists say their pieces make environmental issues comprehensible and are useful in the classroom setting.
Feb. 18, 2015
Researchers are using social media to explore trends in populations.
Feb. 17, 2015
The University may implement more three-year programs after the College of Design completes its pilot program.


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