Oct. 16, 2014
As topic for political discussions, charter schools concern people from both parties.
Oct. 15, 2014
A crew of mycologists and a new student club have rejuvenated fungal enthusiasm.
Oct. 15, 2014
It was renamed Tuesday in honor of a donation from the Minnesota Masonic Charities.
Oct. 14, 2014
Two projects will develop a smaller MRI device and better image sensitivity, respectively.
Oct. 09, 2014
A small group aims to make all dining halls meatless once a week by 2015.
Oct. 09, 2014
Research found yogis learned computer-brain interaction skills three times faster.
Oct. 07, 2014
Researchers at C-SPIN want to harness electron spin for computing.
Oct. 02, 2014
Newly hired Mikael Elias will study how to harness bacteria to conserve the environment.
Sep. 30, 2014
EV D68 causes wheezing, shortage of breath, fast respiratory rates and flaring of the nose, and affects mostly children.
Sep. 29, 2014
A University study found that trees store carbon in their roots differently, depending on the climate.
Sep. 29, 2014
The federal grant will help train 90 graduate students in providing mental health and substance abuse counseling.
Sep. 23, 2014
Researchers from the University of Minnesota, Colorado State University and the University of Tasmania are starting work on their five-year study.
Sep. 23, 2014
The company recruits students from a variety of fields while also engaging in U research.
Sep. 22, 2014
David Tilman received the Balzan Prize for his contributions to the field.
Sep. 18, 2014
The College of Biological Sciences is filling niches with pools of multidisciplinary faculty members.


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