Student Government

The University of Minnesota’s student government is made up of the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, the Minnesota Student Association and Student Senate – a body that represents students from all University campuses. The graduate and undergraduate governments advocate for students at the University.
May. 01, 2013
The outgoing president reflected on his term and MSA’s success.
Apr. 11, 2013
Campus elections have had low student turnout for the past five years.
Apr. 08, 2013
Sanford, Fairview leaders said they’d stop takeover talks if the University objects.
Mar. 27, 2013
Eight students will be chosen to serve a one-year term.
Mar. 13, 2013
Elections for student body president will be held April 8-10.
Feb. 20, 2013
The annual budget will become more accessible to the public.
Feb. 19, 2013
Men are less likely to seek help for depression than women.
Feb. 07, 2013
Students from every University campus rallied at the Capitol on Thursday for Support the U Day.
Feb. 05, 2013
A resolution for a new system for student release questions is also expected to pass.
Jan. 23, 2013
It also held elections for several vacant positions.
Jan. 22, 2013
It will also hold elections for several vacant positions.
Nov. 27, 2012
The group will also decide whether to award the second half of a grant it created last year.
Nov. 13, 2012
GAPSA voted to support the initiative at its Oct. 16 meeting.
Oct. 16, 2012
The groups will also approve candidates for the All-Campus Elections Commission and the Student Services Fee Committee during a joint meeting.
Oct. 11, 2012
One of the resolutions aims to help students if the amendment passes.


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