Dec. 10, 2014
A light rail train operator took a reporter for a ride, showing how conductors do their jobs.
Dec. 10, 2014
The chair of the Met Council will become a full-time position in January.
Dec. 08, 2014
A bike lane would displace some parking, but Minneapolis could add 50 spots.
Nov. 25, 2014
Parking bans for non-snow emergency routes would be easier to restrict.
Nov. 12, 2014
Metro Transit officials are still searching for funding to begin improvements.
Oct. 23, 2014
The signs would suggest speeds to help drivers and light rail conductors make green lights on time and increase efficiency.
Oct. 21, 2014
Despite past worry, the light rail opening hasn’t affected crime rates around its stops.
Oct. 15, 2014
Mayor Hodges’ proposed budget gives $750,000 for protected lanes.
Oct. 07, 2014
Metro Transit will work to decide where to apply the funds.
Oct. 07, 2014
Key kiosks aiming to make the bike sharing service easier to use will hit campus in April.
Sep. 17, 2014
University researchers found that bus stop amenities can shorten perceived wait times.
Sep. 15, 2014
The City Council approved a new light rail branch and bus route for 2019.
Sep. 11, 2014
A team of volunteers is helping Minneapolis officials measure bicycle traffic at 30 locations.
Sep. 09, 2014
Officials stopped service along a third of the rail for most of the afternoon.


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