Through the Lens

11/12/2009 1:05am


Crowd surfing doesn't only happen at punk shows...

10/29/2009 8:54pm

Playing with Fire

Garrett Bing, a member of the new student group, The People's Fire Coalition, practices Poi on Northrop mall on Tuesday. Poi is a traditional art in which you swing flaming balls of fire suspended by chains around your body to excite, amuse, thrill, and shock any onlookers.  

7/17/2009 1:05pm

Man hit by car while on bike

Jules Ameel captured this image shortly after a man was struck by a car early Thursday morning on the intersection of 10th Avenue SE and 1st Street S.

5/27/2009 4:44pm

May 11, 1972

I recently came across this issue of the Daily and thought others might find it as interesting as I did.

2/8/2009 5:02pm

(a different kind of) photo failure

So I shot tennis this weekend and thought it would be really funny if I photographed the OTHER team. mistake, actually. Next time I'll remember my glasses and not just go by the colors of their polos, (which are clearly embroidered with a giant "I") Sorry Gophers.

2/2/2009 5:47pm

Photo Failure

So, we accidentally had the wrong protest picture up with Mike Langseth's story. Oops. I don't think the Union is that mad.

11/23/2008 5:03pm

The Anti-Spotlight

A light illuminated a single audience member during a presentation in Willey Hall today. I found the lone man intriguing.