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The Minnesota Daily is a student-led media organization serving the University of Minnesota campus and surrounding community. The organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, but classified as a student organization. The print publication is distributed twice per week during the fall and spring semesters and once per week during the summer semester. Content is also published on mndaily.com and updated regularly as news happens. The Daily employs more than 150 University of Minnesota students each year and acts as a training institution, giving them hands-on training in areas such as journalism, multimedia, photography, finance, marketing, human resources, information systems, and more.


1. Provide independent student journalism and comprehensive coverage of news, media and events that serve the public interest and inform the University of Minnesota community.

2. Offer a forum for the free exchange of ideas and civil debate for the members of the University community.

3. Train University students to professional standards, teach best practices and operate an ethical organization in all areas of journalism and the media industry.

4. Operate a fiscally-responsible organization that ensures its viability as an independent student media company that continually serves the University community.


In 1877, 15 seniors and 26 juniors launched the publishing of a monthly literary magazine entitled The Ariel. The students wanted to provide a forum for student individuality and keep the public informed on the growth of the University of Minnesota. In 1900, The Ariel began printing daily and was renamed the Minnesota Daily. The daily printing schedule was in response to a competing publication, The Football. After a few months of a daily printing schedule, the Minnesota Daily combined itself with The Minnesota Daily News, another competitor within the campus community.

Since its origin, the Minnesota Daily has been a force for change on the University of Minnesota campus. The Minnesota Daily has covered many big events, including the end of compulsory military drills, the beginning of women's suffrage, and campus riots. The Minnesota Daily believes in the power of the press to bring about change. Since its beginning, the Minnesota Daily has been at the forefront of technological advancements, and it was among the first college newspapers in the country to be available online. Notable alumni of the Minnesota Daily include Steve Sack, Harry Reasoner, Ka Vang, Roy Wilkins, Henry Fonda and Chris Ison.

Today, the Minnesota Daily is entirely student-run, with the guidance of a general manager and the governance of its Board of Directors. It operates independently from the University as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, but maintains status as a student organization.



Editor in Chief & Chief Student Director

Kelly Busche   |   Contact


Business Operations Officer & Chief Student Director

Genevieve Locke   |   Contact

General Manager & Executive Director

Charlie Weaver   |   Contact


Board of Directors

Advisor - Office of Student Affairs

Kendre Turonie


Director - Alumnus with Editorial Experience

Bob Ingrassia


Director - Alumnus with Finance Experience & Treasurer

Rance Rand


Director - Brand Strategist

Hillery Shay


Director - Newspaper Professional

Jason Cole


Director - Digital Media Professional & Secretary

Mike Reszler


Director - Student Training Expertise & SJMC Faculty Member & Board Chair

Gayle Golden


Director - Supply Chain & Operations Faculty

Rachna Shah

Director - Multimedia News Professional

Kent Erdahl



Kelly Busche


Business Operations Officer

Genevieve Locke


Student Director

Matthew Barnard


Student Director

Benjamin Russell