Content Diversity Board

Newsroom diversity statement: 

Adequately seeking put and reporting truth is impossible without a commitment to diversity in reporting, editing and sourcing. If coverage lacks diversity of perspective and experience, we are not meeting our mission of fully informing the community. 

Diversity is a broad term, but at the baseline, it should encompass diversity of identity, thought and experience. 

As an industry, journalism has not historically been diverse. As current students of journalism, it is our responsibility to change that pattern by supporting diversity in our newsroom and community.

First year report:

 Our full report from the 2019-20 school year is linked at the bottom of this page.

Content Diversity Board mission statement:

We acknowledge that journalism cannot function as a truth-teller and watchdog without accurate representation of its communities. Therefore, our role is to support the newsroom’s diversity mission statement and ensure our coverage accurately reflects the diversity of the U’s campus and surrounding communities by:

  • Acting as a watchdog for accurate and representative coverage
  • Analyzing coverage to provide a radar for diversity issues in reporting and editing
  • Providing a space for discussion and debate about ethics and best practices in diverse coverage
  • Serving as a bridge between the Minnesota Daily and the campus community


Assembling the board is one of many steps to supporting diversity in coverage. As we develop as a board, we want to keep the line open to community input. Please direct any suggestions to



Tiffany Bui, ex-officio board chair


I'm a senior studying journalism and sociology. I try to elevate the voices of underrepresented communities in my reporting. Fall is my favorite season and I will forever love apple cider. 

Michelle Griffith, Interim board chair, newsroom coordinator

I'm a senior studying journalism at the University of Minnesota. I value giving people a voice to tell their own stories. I love reading books and knitting, often at the same time. I've been a Daily editor for a little more than a year, and love watching baking and cooking shows, even though I do not like to bake or cook. 


Ariana Wilson — Outreach Coordinator

My name is Ariana Wilson and I'm the opinions editor at the Minnesota Daily, as well as a member of the National Association of Black Journalists. As the board's Outreach Coordinator, I find ways to connect the Daily with local professionals and organizations that can provide insight and training on diversity in media. We want our coverage to reflect and inform the communities we serve and collaborating with others is one of the best ways to be intentional about that change. 


Cleo Krejci — Office of the Publisher representative


As representative to the Office of the Publisher, I ensure that the content board's mission makes its way throughout the entire Minnesota Daily organization.