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Rejected Sound creator Mark Khan and filmmaker Justin jojo Ofori-Atta pose for a portrait at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden on Saturday, April 10.  Rejected Sound made its debut Saturday and will serve as a platform to showcase the talents of various DJs and artists.

Local creatives drop music series, spotlight local artists

Nina Raemont, Arts and Entertainment Reporter
April 13, 2021
Minneapolis creative Mark Khan’s new project, Rejected Sound, gives local artists a platform.
Episode 83: Black women trailblazers at UMN

Episode 83: Black women trailblazers at UMN

Megan Germundson and Jasmine Snow
March 26, 2021
In this episode, we learn about historical Black women and their contributions, which helped pave the way for the future at the University of Minnesota.
Illustration by Luis Mendoza

Pioneer Hall to welcome three multicultural Living Learning Communities for fall 2020 semester

Jasmine Snow
July 5, 2020

The fall 2020 semester will see three multicultural Living Learning Communities moving to Pioneer Hall. The transfer of Charlotte’s Home for Black Women, Huntley House for African American Men and Tsev...

Was the U of M’s Task Force on Building Names the Victim of a Hoax? Did an Eminent U History Professor Frame the U of M Dean of Student Affairs?

Was the U of M’s Task Force on Building Names the Victim of a Hoax? Did an Eminent U History Professor Frame the U of M Dean of Student Affairs?

Letter to the Editor
July 29, 2019

In arriving at its recommendation that Nicholson Hall be stripped of its name, the U’s task force on building names “task force report” relied heavily on a 43-year old article titled "Political Antisemitism...

Letter to the Editor: The building names task force’s imaginary conspiracy on the U’s campus

Letter to the Editor
June 2, 2019

Part three in a series by University of Minnesota Professor Ian Maitland. One of the reasons the building names task force gave for its recommendation that former Dean of Student Affairs Edward Nicholson’s...

Letter to the Editor: How the Task Force invented an anti-Semite

Letter to the Editor
May 8, 2019

The report of the task force on building names heaped astonishing invective on the memory of Edward Nicholson (“Dean Nick”), the University’s first dean of student affairs who served from 1917 to...

Sulfate may affect wild rice plants

Eliana Schreiber
October 13, 2015

Sulfate from acid rain, sewage treatment plants, mines and bacteria is creating a harmful byproduct affecting wild rice in Minnesota.   The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and University of Minnesota...

Parvakar Roy hands over drone to Graduate Student Nikolaos Stefas at University Arboretum on last Wednesday. A University group of undergraduates, graduates, and professors is in the process of developing a drone with the capability of aiding farmers by giving them information about their crops.

Agriculture’s high-tech future

Sarah Thamer
July 8, 2015

At a field experiment last week, a drone leashed like a dog to a University of Minnesota graduate student slowly rotated, drifting mere feet above the group and capturing images of apple trees at the Minnesota...

Study: Cleaning air could save lives

Sarah Thamer
June 24, 2015

Removing air pollutants can prevent disease and improve health in any location, even if the air is already relatively clean, according to a study released last week.    A team of environmental...

Application standards rise at CSE

Youssef Rddad
June 24, 2015

Three of Harry Barrett’s classmates in one of his engineering classes at Century College were accepted to the University of Minnesota’s College of Science and Engineering, including himself.   The...