2/11/2019, 1:18am

Opera for a new audience

So, as opera-lovers filled one of the Weisman Art Museum's main galleries for a sold-out opera/gospel fusion event on Saturday night, many didn’t wholly know what to expect.

2/6/2019, 11:42pm

Culture compass: Shows, chefs and street caves

Check out the University of Minnesota’s only long-form improv club this Friday as the group performs their February show at the old Bell Museum. As Valentine’s Day approaches, the team encourages viewers to bring a date (or a couple friends) to join them for a night of laughter and potential romance.

2/3/2019, 9:25pm

Designers bring e.motion to the runway

Year after year, the University of Minnesota College of Design's spring fashion show serves as a rite of passage for students. This year's show, "e.motion," managed to hold onto this tradition.

2/3/2019, 9:22pm

Street style: Off the runway

As a crowd of students, families and high-end fashion-lovers trickled into Rapson Hall for the College of Design’s annual fashion show on Saturday, a number of stylish audience members proved that you don’t have to be an apparel design major to be well-dressed.

1/30/2019, 11:04pm

Local artist fires up unique glass artwork

In 1998, Chris Ahalt, was taken under the wing (or kiln) of the Minnesota street art scene. Now, he is a pioneer in the Minneapolis flame-working scene, makes one-of-a-kind glass balloon pieces and showcases his talent across the world. 

1/30/2019, 11:02pm

Q&A: Professional killjoy Melody Hoffman on women in podcasting

The podcasting world is often described as male-dominated, a space for men to share their opinions. These feminist killjoys want to change that. Melody Hoffmann and Raechel Anne Jolie completed their doctoral degrees in critical media studies at the University of Minnesota, where they quickly became friends.

1/30/2019, 11:00pm

Culture compass: If the Super Bowl isn’t your thing

The self-proclaimed “non-drill rapper” (debatable) heads to Skyway Theatre this Friday for a show that will undoubtedly trap. Coming from Chicago, the rapper is used to getting rowdy crowds going and mosh pits forming. Having recently released his new single “Up It,” you can be ready for new slaps like this one, and old tracks like “Lord Knows” to charge the night with super sounds.""

1/24/2019, 12:59am

Culture compass: Cat meditation, local music and "You"

Back with another variety show, Fool’s Errand will provide the Purple Onion crowd with some jokes and tunes for the first Friday night of the semester. The show includes improv, stand-up and music from The Enchantments. It’s the perfect opportunity to get those laughs in before the semester really hits hard. 

1/22/2019, 11:13pm

Revisiting ‘once upon a time’

Challenging the way fairy tales are depicted in Walt Disney’s popular animated films, the Weisman Art Museum’s new exhibit, “The Wonderful World Before Disney," gives viewers a unique look into the power of storytelling.