4/11/2019, 12:22am

Culture compass: Spring, winter and ... 'poosh?'

You’ve read all of The Wake Magazine’s band Q&As — now head down 4th Street Southeast or University Avenue Southeast toward Honey on Friday to listen with them! Grab a happy hour drink beforehand and then enjoy performances by A Mess, Stone Arch Isles and Early Eyes at the magazine’s annual concert. 

4/7/2019, 11:09pm

Street style: NCAA weekend

From the Fan Fest to the Final Four to (yes, we have to say it) the Jonas Brothers concert, the 612 had the opportunity to show out and bring their best ‘fits.

4/7/2019, 11:07pm

Looking for love, a sense of self

Nostalgia and longing are emotions meant to be felt wholly and expressed authentically. Stephanie Sunberg and James Molitor prefer to capture them in photo. The two Minneapolis-based artists find nostalgia and longing in others and in themselves — like two lovers or creators of an intimate self-portrait. 

4/4/2019, 1:33am

A local’s triple double guide to NCAA Weekend

Minneapolis has sports clout. No, maybe not team-wise — but we host some of the best game day events in the nation. From the Super Bowl to the X Games, the North served up some eye-catching parties in the past. The NCAA Championship is no different. A&E has compiled a triple double list of the events that will be on fire this weekend. 

4/4/2019, 12:10am

'#1 of 30' at the Weisman explores body sway and movement

“#1 of 30,” which showed at the Weisman last Sunday, explored the phenomenon of bodily sway and motion. The performance, crafted by choreographer Pramila Vasudevan and Aniccha Arts, was a Collaboration Incubator project for the Weisman’s Target Studio for Creative Collaboration. 

4/4/2019, 12:09am

Culture compass: Funk, hustle and focaccia

Eighties funk music is arguably the absolute best music for dancing. If that synth doesn’t make you shake your hips, then you’re lying to yourself. This dance party was created by the people that brought you "Hipshaker" at the Kitty Cat Klub, so expect the grooviest of playlists to be played.  

4/1/2019, 11:57pm

Remembering Tucker Sterling Jensen

Tucker Sterling Jensen’s love of local music was almost unprecedented. He did not look for the obscure just for the sake of it. He looked in order to share it, uplift it and, in the process, help create a space and community in music unlike any other.

3/31/2019, 9:34pm

That of the art consumer is perfect!

It’s a clear image and, due to its repetition, its likelihood contains multitudes: The art museum visitor stands in front of a canvas, staring longingly. At the last second, they turn around. Click! Their friend captures a picture, ensuring the inquisitive expression is still in place. 

3/28/2019, 1:44am

Review: Happy and sad at the same time

As she implies in her newest memoir, Nora McInerny doesn’t pay loads of attention to positive reviews of her work. Nora, if you’re reading this, the appraisal is sunny. You’re free to move on to the next review. I adore you!

3/28/2019, 1:26am

Culture Compass: Trenchball, Transylvania and tea

Big fan of dodgeball? Wait until you hear what trenchball is. While in the traditional game you’re beaned by a foam ball and have to make the dejected trek to the sidelines, in trenchball things are a little different. Players on each team guard three bowling pins without getting hit themselves by stray balls. 

3/26/2019, 8:07am

Embrace the Pundamonium

Pun-lovers and word-enthusiasts crowded the basement of The Spring Street Tavern on Wednesday night, clumping together near the stage. 

3/25/2019, 9:23am

This UMN student's podcast drips

An aspiring TV personality and current hustler, University of Minnesota journalism senior Dijon McCain recently released his passion project that was one year in the making.