11/18/2018, 10:40pm

'The Art of Avoiding PPL' is relatable for anyone with anxiety

Jose Dominguez never planned to show his intricate, colorful journal pages to anyone. But, there he was, at the opening of his first solo show in years Saturday night at the Public Functionary gallery. The large, open room — equipped with a DJ and plenty of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer — was filled with admirers of his work.

11/18/2018, 10:37pm

This week in releases: 'Widows' and 'Oxnard'

With a highly-anticipated script by Steve McQueen (“12 Years a Slave” and “Shame") and Gillian Flynn (the author of “Gone Girl”), “Widows” is a heist film that both defies and loves genre expectations. 

11/14/2018, 11:03pm

Ashley Mary embodies the rainbow — in work and in spirit

You may be one of her 46,000+ Instagram followers. Maybe you bought a planner at Anthropologie, a yoga mat from Manduka or a makeup bag from Target with her artwork on it. During your daily commute, you might have glimpsed a colorful bus stop in Uptown that she single-handedly painted.

11/14/2018, 11:02pm

Culture compass: Moose patrols, Scrooge and photons

Nothing says "punk show" like a good ol' Minneapolis dive bar. Catch a locally-stacked lineup of basement punk bands as they perform new music specifically for the Terminal audience. From Heart to Gold’s angst to Pierre's hard-hitting anthems off their newly released album, the show will definitely wash off any wear-and-tear from the week. Victor Shores is rumored to be performing a plethora of new music for the crowd, so be ready to go off!

11/12/2018, 9:49pm

Snow outside, palm trees inside

On Sunday, local Asian import grocer United Noodles hosted an event that was as close as you can get to a traditional Hawaiian get-together in a snow-plagued landscape.

11/11/2018, 10:44pm

This week in music: Jeff Goldblum, Charles Bradley and more

Jeff Goldblum might be one of the most baffling recipients of recent Internet fame. He’s known for iconic roles in “Jurassic Park” and “Independence Day,” has over one million followers on Instagram and recently received his own “Hot Ones” episode on YouTube.

11/6/2018, 11:31pm

Culture compass: Mia sights, Jia recs and Ari jams

Remember when “The Book of Mormon” was the biggest thing, and it was impossible to get local tour-stop tickets? The fever has more-or-less passed, which means one very important thing — student rush tickets are available. The venue begins selling the tickets 90 minutes before the show, so get in line early. You can snag two rush tickets with a valid student ID.

11/6/2018, 11:21pm

A&E explores: A guide for pedaling through the last days of fall

Unless you have a bike with tires fat enough to brave Minnesota’s worst weather, chances are you'll soon rein up your trusty two-wheeled steed for the winter.  Don't fret! Now is one of the best times to enjoy the carving, shore-caressing paths of Minnesota — especially around campus.

11/5/2018, 12:01am

'Noises Off' finds comedy in chaos

“Noises Off,” which performed this week at Guthrie Theater, is not an average play – it is a play within a play. The acclaimed 1982 comedy, written by Michael Frayn, comments on how the drama of putting together a theater production can sometimes be funnier than the performance itself.

11/4/2018, 11:59pm

This week in movies: ‘Suspiria,’ Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Wildlife’

Director Luca Guadagnino’s (of “Call Me by Your Name” acclaim) remake of Dario Argento’s 1977 dance-horror film “Suspiria” makes some significant revisions. Most notably, perhaps, Guadagnino’s film is now set in Berlin, with the Berlin Wall now located just across the street from the steps of the Helena Markos Dance Company. 

10/31/2018, 10:38pm

Culture compass: Herbal tea, building bridges and a cappella

The "A Capell-Off" returns for another year, with five a capella groups competing for a $250 cash prize. The night will be jam-packed with a capella renditions of your favorite classics. 7Days A Cappella, Urban Sound, The Enchantments and Basses Wild will compete against last year’s winners, Vocal U. The event is completely free and open only to University of Minnesota students.  

10/30/2018, 10:22pm

Pulling strings with Liz Howls

When Liz Howls was a child in Iowa, her father brought home a refrigerator box and cut a hole in it. Just like that, the young Howls had her first puppet theater. She loved putting on productions for her parents in their living room, using the cloth puppets her mother already had from her job as a children’s librarian.