2/17/2019, 11:04pm

Review: ‘Potted Potter’ fails to cast a spell over Minneapolis

"Potted Potter" didn’t have some of the props you’d normally expect from a "Harry Potter" reenactment show. For instance, feared antagonist Lord Voldemort donned sparkly red devil horns and an attitude. The dangerous Forbidden Forest was a painted beach scene with black lettering that warned to "KEEP OUT" and the final Battle of Hogwarts featured a sing-off of "I Will Survive" complete with a disco ball and colored lights.

2/15/2019, 4:39pm

Throw us to 'The Wolves'

A group of high-school aged girls sit on a soccer field and stretch. Three simultaneous conversations occur, and one girl throws the word “fuck” around a little more than everyone else.

2/13/2019, 11:18pm

What's in the cards for tarot as a medium?

When the word "tarot" comes to mind, it brings a lot of associations with it. Maybe it reminds you of that creepy "Ouija" movie you saw a couple years ago. Or perhaps an expensive deck of cards you once saw resting on one of those weird wooden tables at Anthropologie.

2/13/2019, 11:18pm

Culture compass: Chili, sales and eight hours of sleep

If there's a record you’ve always wanted, this weekend is the time to get it. Electric Fetus’ first sale of the year means 20 percent off almost the entire store from Feb. 13-17. Even if there’s nothing on your wish list, it’s worth checking out. You never know when you might find a sick new band or a witty pair of socks that you don’t already have. 

2/11/2019, 1:18am

Opera for a new audience

So, as opera-lovers filled one of the Weisman Art Museum's main galleries for a sold-out opera/gospel fusion event on Saturday night, many didn’t wholly know what to expect.

2/6/2019, 11:42pm

Culture compass: Shows, chefs and street caves

Check out the University of Minnesota’s only long-form improv club this Friday as the group performs their February show at the old Bell Museum. As Valentine’s Day approaches, the team encourages viewers to bring a date (or a couple friends) to join them for a night of laughter and potential romance.

2/3/2019, 9:25pm

Designers bring e.motion to the runway

Year after year, the University of Minnesota College of Design's spring fashion show serves as a rite of passage for students. This year's show, "e.motion," managed to hold onto this tradition.

2/3/2019, 9:22pm

Street style: Off the runway

As a crowd of students, families and high-end fashion-lovers trickled into Rapson Hall for the College of Design’s annual fashion show on Saturday, a number of stylish audience members proved that you don’t have to be an apparel design major to be well-dressed.