7/17/2018, 11:02pm

A&E’s guide to Trader Joe’s snacks

The recently-opened Fresh Thyme near campus has found competition in downtown Minneapolis — a brand new Trader Joe's, opening this Friday. Located a couple blocks away from the Guthrie Theater and a short walk from both a Metro bus stop and the Green Line, the new store is sure to attract crowds. 

7/10/2018, 10:05pm

Dangerous, daring and on display: The Poster Factory, 1970

Coinciding with height of the Nixon administration and the Vietnam War, the 1970s were filled with fear, paranoia and unrest. While hordes of people took to the streets to voice their concerns, a small group of students from the University of Minnesota took a nontraditional route — printmaking. 

7/2/2018, 10:58pm

College kitchen: Barbecue

With your day off right in the middle of the week, you’ve probably received Fourth of July barbecue invitations for today, tomorrow, this weekend and more. 

6/27/2018, 9:16pm

Review: The Guthrie Theater’s dynamic depiction of “West Side Story”

When it came to "West Side Story," Joseph Haj and the Guthrie Theater production team found the key to developing their retelling of the classic musical in the opening lines of the script’s stage directions. Playwright Arthur Laurents describes the typically-staged-as-white Jets' opposition to the Puerto Rican Sharks as “an anthology of what is called ‘American.’”