3/18/2019, 9:18pm

Kian, Kerandi win MSA election

All student governments will have new leadership in the 2019-20 school year, as the All Campus Elections Commission's announced election results Monday night.

3/14/2019, 1:50am

New student group to give hope to those with traumatic childhoods

H.O.P.E. is working to create a community for students with traumatic childhood experiences while raising awareness of adverse childhood experiences. The student organization was founded by research assistants of Canan Karatekin, an associate professor in the University’s College of Education and Human Development.

3/14/2019, 1:45am

More adults find drugs overpriced, study finds

The majority of Americans consider the cost of prescription drugs unreasonable, according to a study released earlier this month. The study released by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonpartisan nonprofit, found only 25 percent of U.S. adults trusted pharmaceutical companies to price drugs fairly and 79 percent thought drug costs were unreasonably high. 

3/14/2019, 1:35am

Trump's Title X changes would alter grant funding

The Trump Administration’s proposed changes to Title X would prohibit grant recipients from performing, promoting, referring for or supporting abortions as a method of family planning, prompting a variety of responses from University of Minnesota scholars and advocates.