3/4/2019, 11:27pm

UMN students battle hair bias as they seek jobs

Although Nyanna Wright, a third-year student at the University of Minnesota, normally leaves her curly hair out or wears it in a big bun on top of her head, she decided to wear it slicked-back for her Monday interview. She described it as “erring on the side of caution”— something she did to avoid negative stereotypes surrounding textured hair.

3/4/2019, 11:26pm

COGS and PSG see more initiative collaboration

Late last month, the Professional Student Government voted to partner with the Council of Graduate Students on their campaign to destigmatize mental health. This collaboration is one of many the two groups are working on.

3/3/2019, 11:02pm

Southwestern Advantage stirs controversy on campus

After giving his personal information to a recruiter at the University of Minnesota, recent graduate John* trained for months to become a salesman for Southwestern Advantage. But after arriving in Ohio to begin selling for the company in 2016, he started questioning the decision.

3/3/2019, 11:01pm

Kaler calls for renaming Coffman, other buildings

University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler is supporting plans to rename Coffman and three other buildings named after former administrators who upheld racist and anti-Semitic practices on campus. However, students’ views on renaming the buildings are varied, ranging from mild indifference to staunch support or opposition.