6/15/2019, 10:13pm

Lawmakers, CEOs talk clean energy at McNamara

The forum was one of a three-part series which hopes to facilitate discussion on clean energy. Among the many in attendance were Gov. Tim Walz and U.S. Senator Tina Smith, D-Minn., who detailed steps they plan to take in the coming months.

6/14/2019, 11:41am

Research identifies ways rare species can help humans

In a paper published last month, researchers proposed a guideline for better understanding how rare species benefit the ecosystems on which people depend. The research, conducted by University of Minnesota researchers and others, could also help inform global policy initiatives responding to the world’s acute biodiversity crisis, according to researchers on the study.

6/11/2019, 10:56pm

Meet the new UMN regents

Four new individuals joined the University of Minnesota Board of Regents on May 9, fulfilling a desire for greater diversity. 

6/11/2019, 10:55pm

UMN deals with declining transfer applications

Since a peak in transfer student applications in 2011, the number of transfer applications has declined overall by more than 22 percent, while the number of transfers enrolled has remained largely stagnant. About half of transfers surveyed saying they feel they a sense of belonging at the University, according to the 2018 Students Experience in the Research University survey.

6/11/2019, 10:39pm

Armed with a needle and thread

“I want people to see themselves represented in art, and if we’re going to be celebrating bodies through art, I want my queer, trans, disabled friends [and] people of color to know that their bodies are just as worthy of celebrating," said artist Liza Gorman-Baer.

6/11/2019, 10:28pm

Building a brave space

“Fundamentally, what I see the show being about is community,” said cast member of "Brave Space," Aloft Circus Arts' newest show, Rachel Webberman. “Living in a time that feels isolating and divisive, [this show demonstrates] what it can look like to really find people you can connect with and build something with them.”

6/9/2019, 9:06pm

UMN needs on hold without state infrastructure funding

The Institute of Child Development’s building at the University of Minnesota was erected in the early 1900s and required $28 million in state funding this year for a replacement. Without a capital investment bill, this project and other University infrastructure needs will roll into future legislative sessions.

5/31/2019, 7:30pm

‘Vanilla ice cream’ bonding won’t fund University infrastructure

Without a capital investment bill, many stakeholders, including the University of Minnesota, did not see infrastructure or public works funding. While the Republican-controlled Senate never introduced a capital investment bill, lawmakers managed to allocate $160 million for basic needs like housing and roads in other bills.