2/19/2019, 11:23pm

Early-morning stretch program aids UMN staff

While most of the campus is still asleep on weekday mornings, some University of Minnesota Facilities Management personnel gather as early as 5 a.m. to start their day with a dose of group exercise and camaraderie.

2/18/2019, 10:55pm

Students create sweet-treat student group

Cleverly named Oven Lovin, the group aims to create a community gathered around a love of baking and give people a taste of their recipes through social media. This group stands out from other campus cooking clubs because it desires to not only create culinary works, but to share their creations with others, teaching viewers how to bake on their own. 

2/17/2019, 11:36pm

'Manure prof' expands lab at UMN

A research lab on the St. Paul campus is currently being renovated for Wilson to conduct her strong-scented, manure-related research. The addition of the new lab, which will be completed next month, will aid Wilson in finding ways to help the agriculture industry and the environment through her work with manure. 

2/17/2019, 11:35pm

MPD considers purchasing Super Bowl LII surveillance cameras

The Minneapolis Police Department is considering purchasing surveillance cameras Verizon installed downtown before Super Bowl LII. Seventeen of the 20 cameras – which were installed at no charge to the City – have been operational since, alongside the more than 200 existing cameras citywide. While MPD states the cameras fill holes in its coverage, some City officials have raised privacy concerns.