7/9/2020, 2:46pm

Credits, connections and competition (or how to get away with sexual misconduct in the Minneapolis comedy scene)

Yelling jokes at indifferent Tinder dates who are just trying to enjoy a drink at the bar is unfortunately a skill that takes years to develop. When I started stand-up in 2016 as a first-year college student, I was not good. No first-timer is. I was lucky to get my start in a comedy scene as tight-knit as the Twin Cities. Comics looked out for one another, and, even as an awkward beginner, I felt included in that. 

6/26/2020, 12:12am

Wilson: Not without our sisters

Police have a history of brutalizing the Black men in our community. Their displays of power date back to the days of slavery. But Black women, especially those in the queer community, have continuously been ignored, brutalized and sexualized with their stories erased throughout our history.