Editorial 2/13/2019, 10:27pm

Editorial: MPD continues to underserve, misunderstand victims of sexual assault

In 2016, MPD had eight sex crime detectives and 412 cases, meaning that one detective was assigned to 52 cases. Conversely, homicide cases assigned one detective for every 16 cases. This startling difference is one in a long string of neglecting sexual assault cases on the part of MPD. Sexual assault cases, like other violent crimes, require time, effort, resources and a specific skill set. However, MPD is continuously dismissing these victims and neglecting their crimes.

Column 2/11/2019, 1:15am

Haasch: BuzzFeed’s Community is gross exploitation of content creators

Two weeks ago, BuzzFeed laid off approximately 15 percent of its staff in what was a devastating blow to digital media. However, the incident also sparked discourse about BuzzFeed’s community model, which allows any user to create content using BuzzFeed’s content management system with the possibility of having their work featured or shared on BuzzFeed social channels.

Column 2/11/2019, 1:15am

Venkata: The next step in invasive advertising is here

A company called Cooler Screens installs screens on freezer doors, like in Walgreens, which monitors customers for their age, gender and “emotional response" in order to present an advertisement that targets that demographic. 

Editorial 2/11/2019, 1:14am

Editorial: UMN's responsibility to homeless community

The polar vortex has consumed Minneapolis this past week and brought record breaking cold temperatures to campus. Our classes were canceled and, though many of us kept warm at home, some did not have that luxury. On campus, it isn't uncommon to come across people who have no place to stay at night.  

Editorial 2/6/2019, 11:16pm

Editorial: Amnesty bill strong step forward in justice for sexual assault survivors

On Monday, the Minnesota Daily reported the Minneapolis Police Department recently implemented a policy that prevents officers from citing sexual assault reporters for underage drinking, drug use and other minor offenses in an effort to aid sexual assault victims and survivors.  While Minneapolis already practiced this policy before it went into effect, the Daily's Editorial Board praises the city for formalizing the policy. We believe it is an important step in decreasing the stigma surrounding intoxication and sexual assault. 

Column 2/6/2019, 11:16pm

Ababiy: The financial aid delusion

At its monthly meeting on Thursday, the Board of Regents will hear the presentation for and discuss a report entitled, "Holistic View of Student Financial Burden." I stumbled on it while skimming the board's docket. I'm very glad I did — even if going through its pages of facts and figures lowers my heart rate into near-slumber — because it feels like it could be the Museum of University Cluelessness' main exhibit in its overflowing "Financial Aid Collection." 

Column 2/3/2019, 9:20pm

Venkata: On the employment contract, Pt. II

Say you work for a company that requires commitment and familiarity, but you’re a contractor. You want to produce good work, both for pride in your work and the benefit of your customers — and for the sake of keeping your job. But, if you can’t be sure whether you’ll keep your job, anxiety can compound. 

Column 2/3/2019, 9:20pm

Haasch: Zoinks! Powerful Shaggy is the best meme of 2019 so far

This past week, a significant number of netizens tacitly agreed that Shaggy from Scooby-Doo was the single most powerful being in the universe. This was something that I was willing to take at face value. Apparently, enough other people were willing to as well. A series of memes featuring an omnipotent Shaggy quietly (and then all at once) proliferated across Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit this past week in what is currently the best meme of 2019 thus far.

Column 1/30/2019, 8:52pm

Ababiy: Decoding the statistics of loneliness on campus

Our generation's loneliness and its causes have become something of a meme. Magazines have done big, serious stories about my generation's use of smartphones. Scientists have raced to run studies on how social media and technology have affected us — a solid 15 years after our addiction set in. Newspaper editorials and columns beseech us for not being social like we used to be.

Editorial 1/30/2019, 8:48pm

Editorial: UMN should take initiative for student safety more often

Minnesota has faced dangerously cold temperatures this week, with Minneapolis experiencing a windchill of 50 degrees below zero midday on Tuesday and just over 40 degrees below zero Wednesday at noon. Even with the polar vortex, many students feared classes would remain in session due to the University of Minnesota's seemingly strict policy on class cancellations and campus closures. 

Column 1/27/2019, 10:58pm

Haasch: This week’s devastating layoffs spell concern for those in digital media

The past week in digital media has been devastating, and it’s not over yet. BuzzFeed is in the midst of a 15 percent staff layoff. After a round of layoffs last Friday, BuzzFeed’s national security desks no longer exist and several other BuzzFeed teams were disbanded. Verizon Media Group, which owns the Huffington Post, AOL and Yahoo, announced a 7 percent layoff last Wednesday. The Huffington Post lost 20 employees on Thursday, and its entire opinions and health sections were dismantled. 

Column 1/27/2019, 10:57pm

Venkata: On the employment contract, part I

When students like us enter the job market, we’ll either be hired directly or contractually. It depends on which is better. For a steady, 9-to-5, part-of-the-workplace job, the preferred option is almost always direct-hire. 

Editorial 1/27/2019, 10:57pm

Editorial: Politicians should be using social media to reach younger voters

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez frequently uses her Instagram to interact with her many followers — she has over two million. Ocasio-Cortez, who says she takes no corporate money for her political campaign, is known to do Instagram live broadcasts. During them, she answers questions and gives political insight — even while making macaroni and cheese. 

Column 1/20/2019, 10:31pm

Haasch: We all love reliving our personal 'cringe'

In the past week, the #2009vs2019 (or alternatively, #HowHardDidAgeHitYou) challenge has been inescapable on all major social media platforms. My timeline has been full of 10-year-old pictures of my friends, complete with pigtails, questionable graphic tees and braces. While staying at my parents’ house, I trawled through our family desktop full of photos looking for the cringiest photo I could find, with the sole goal of exposing my middle-school self on Twitter.