Editorial 9/16/2018, 10:40pm

Editorial: Rising everyday campus fees may create barrier to entry for low-income students

In May, University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler announced a bill that raised in-state tuition at the University by 2 percent. Implemented this fall, in-state students saw an increase of about $258, excluding student fees. Our campus also saw a recent increase in parking fees, with almost every parking lot around campus increasing by at least one dollar. 

Column 9/16/2018, 10:36pm

Haasch: Cartoons are great and merit your indulgence

Last Friday, I stayed up until 6 a.m. to be one of the first to watch the first nine episodes of "The Dragon Prince," a new Netflix original cartoon. This is about as on-brand as it gets for me. I’ve spent the vast majority of my life immersed in cartoons like the timeless "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "The Legend of Korra." 

Letter to the Editor 9/13/2018, 12:27am

Letter to the Editor: UMN honors legal and moral obligations for student privacy

Ellen Schneider badly missed the mark with her opinion piece on recent allegations against a Carlson School of Management Doctor of Business Administration student. In fact, the piece shows a lack of understanding for what federal law, the criminal justice system and University policies require in any instance of alleged sexual misconduct – so much so that it several times calls on the University to take actions that would be illegal, or at minimum would be a violation of University policy. 

Column 9/13/2018, 12:27am

Ababiy: Ensuring a livable wage for University of Minnesota workers

A recent New York Times article took a fascinating look at an interesting Harvard employee, Martha Bonilla. She came into the country illegally, hiding under a pile of bananas in a truck. Now, Ms. Bonilla lives comfortably in a $350,000 home in a middle class neighborhood of Boston, with another home rented out to family. She takes vacations in Florida and pays $1700 a month for her daughter's college education.

Editorial 9/13/2018, 12:26am

Editorial: More needs to be done, individually, to combat homelessness

We hear it all the time: “You should be volunteering to help out your local homeless population.” We hear it in our classes, in our places of worship and in our workplace. We are given multiple opportunities to help, whether it be working at a local food drive, helping a local shelter or donating money to a national GoFundMe campaign. However, more needs to be done to combat homelessness. 

Column 9/9/2018, 11:16pm

Schneider: UMN shrugs off responsibility in Richard Liu case

Liu Qiangdong, also known as Richard Liu, is a Chinese billionaire and founder of JD.com. He is also a student in the Carlson School of Management's Doctor of Business Administration Chinese-partnership program at the University of Minnesota. Liu was in Minneapolis briefly as part of the program, and was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting another Chinese student at the University.

Column 9/5/2018, 11:50pm

Ababiy: Students have the responsibility to question and change society

Last fall, when orange leaves started to make their gentle tumble out of the trees, I visited the office of a favorite professor to discuss an assignment I was having trouble with. I took my place in the spare chair next to the door of his office and, after lifting some papers off the seat, he sat in the worn leather lounging chair next to his bookcase.

Column 9/2/2018, 11:26pm

Haasch: We have no choice but to embrace surreal internet humor

Last week, my Twitter feed was a hellscape of animations of the horrifying, banal nursery rhyme, "Johny Johny Yes Papa." The song — and its seemingly endless set of iterations — follows Johny, a sneaky kid who eats sugar, lies to his parents and gets away with it every time.