Column 3/10/2019, 11:26pm

Haasch: Please, for the love, learn some transit etiquette

Public transit is a beautiful but sometimes soul-sucking modern marvel. In the recent winter months (and in times past), University of Minnesota students have been plagued by inadequate buses, delays in transit and uncomfortable rides on the regular. However, I’m not here to critique the failings of the University’s transit system — others have already reported on and discussed it at length. 

Letter to the Editor 3/10/2019, 11:25pm

Letter: Vote 'yes' on UMN tenured faculty sexual misconduct referendum

Starting Monday, students can vote on this important referendum: “Should tenured faculty be held to the same standard as non-tenured faculty and staff when accused of sexual misconduct involving a student?" As President of the Council of Graduate Students, which sponsored this referendum, please allow me to explain why we urge you to vote "yes."

Column 3/10/2019, 11:09pm

Venkata: On socially responsible investing

The bare-minimum financial move any time we receive a paycheck is to put a certain amount of it away for retirement and emergencies. As you may have heard, rough common knowledge is to have six months’ income as backup at all times and to save 10-15 percent of income starting in our twenties. I’m sure you’re allowed to save a lot more than that, if you want to. 

Letter to the Editor 3/10/2019, 11:08pm

Letter: Regents are disappointing, but not surprising, on Coffman rename effort

After one of the longest reviews of its kind in the history of American higher education, the 125-page report submitted by the Task Force on Building Names and Institutional History is being dismissed by several members of the University of Minnesota Board of Regents as making “broad-brush accusations." As someone who has advocated for college students for over five years, including in our University Student Senate, this reaction is not surprising.

Column 3/7/2019, 12:12am

Hasan: Criticism of Ilhan Omar is unwarranted

Despite the barriers that Omar broke before she was voted into Congress, she still faces backlash based on her identity almost daily. Islamophobic commentary has followed Omar since her first days in government, including the negative reactions to her push to end the headwear ban within the chambers of Congress.

Letter to the Editor 3/7/2019, 12:12am

Letter: Why bus fees won’t work to solve bus overcrowding

Overcrowding on the campus bus system has been a problem for years with students missing buses, being crammed onto one or recently pushing each other over to get on. While I agree it is a supply and demand issue, regulating demand by forcing students to pay bus fare is not the solution for a number of reasons.

Column 3/7/2019, 12:11am

Ababiy: Our city needs 13 neighborhood wards

This week, the Minneapolis Charter Commission will consider a new citizen proposal. The charter commission is similar to a constitutional convention in that it considers petitions and ideas to change the City's charter. Only a ballot question or 13-0 vote in the City Council can change the charter, but the charter commission acts as a first step of the process. Anyone can submit something by gathering enough signatures on a petition. 

Letter to the Editor 3/3/2019, 10:33pm

Letter to the Editor: Bus overcrowding

Quite frankly, the University of Minnesota bus system is a mess. It may appear efficient because multiple buses are circulating, but it is apparent that it suffers from the same problems afflicting any system without prices: an inability to regulate quantity. As a result, buses remain nearly empty for periods during the day, yet become dangerously overcrowded during others. 

Column 3/3/2019, 10:33pm

Venkata: Refugees are still waiting

Greece is across the Aegean Sea from Turkey, and five Greek islands bear about 20,000 refugees and migrants who have escaped conflict zones through Turkey. One island is Lesbos, which has a few refugee camps. One of those camps is Moria, a repurposed military facility built for a capacity of 3,100 refugees. Currently, it houses more than 8,500 refugees, most of whom come from Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, but mostly Syria. 

Column 2/28/2019, 12:24am

Ababiy: A weekend of lies in Minneapolis

This weekend, one of the world’s youngest hedge fund managers was here in Minneapolis. He was tweeting to his more than 100,000 followers about the city, its people and his investigation into the city. His Twitter account has since been suspended. I kinda like finance, Minneapolis, its people and investigations, so I emailed him from my Minnesota Daily email and left my phone number.

Column 2/28/2019, 12:21am

Hasan: One region, no representation

As a graduating senior, I have spent countless hours filling in job applications. On every application, I come across the same question: “What is your race/ethnicity?”  

Column 2/24/2019, 9:55pm

Venkata: The politics of women's health

I think it is important for everyone to know — male, female, conservative and liberal — that Planned Parenthood provides much more than abortions. Cutting off funding to Planned Parenthood on the grounds of abortion is like shutting down all musical concerts on the grounds of Taylor Swift, except much more life-threatening. 

Letter to the Editor 2/24/2019, 9:55pm

Letter: On renaming Coffman Union

Jake Steinberg’s lead article in the Minnesota Daily on Thursday, “Task force suggests renaming Coffman,” seems to hit all the right notes. However, it also underscores the underlying problem which is elucidated in "American Dialogue" by Joseph J. Ellis in his chapter on Thomas Jefferson: “We should begin with the realization that our battle against racism, like the war against cancer, is an ongoing struggle that must be conducted without having an end in sight.” 

Column 2/24/2019, 9:55pm

Haasch: “Hi, I’m a reporter for the Minnesota Daily ... ” is a meme that could only come from r/uofmn

The University of Minnesota subreddit, r/uofmn, is a thriving online student community that is the best place for UMN memes. This includes the recent, “Hi, I’m a reporter with a Minnesota Daily …” meme, which riffs off reporters from the Minnesota Daily (hello!) posting on r/ufomn looking for student sources for articles. It’s a beautiful drag, and one that we as staff are taking together in stride.