5/2/2019, 12:42am

Episode 29: How renaming was rejected

On Friday afternoon, the University of Minnesota Board of Regents voted against renaming four buildings on campus 10-1. Regents said the University should address its complicated history in other ways and took issue with facts of the report. The rejection went against over one year of of student advocacy, a campus task force report and President Eric Kaler’s recommendations, and outcry from protestors, including longtime professor John Wright, at the meeting.

4/11/2019, 12:50am

Episode 26: Cedar-Riverside weighs safety priorities

In this episode, we talk with Reporter Mohamed Ibrahim about residents and business owners who have called on the City of Minneapolis to increase police presence in Cedar-Riverside. While other groups feel increased dialogue, specifically by giving younger residents a seat at the table, should be a priority.

3/28/2019, 12:36am

Episode 24: Understanding eating disorders at UMN

The University of Minnesota's the student health center offers no major treatment options for eating disorders. This episodes explores why Boynton does not treat eating disorders, the effect it has on students and alternative resources available at and beyond the University.

1/31/2019, 9:12am

In the Know: Episode 17

In this episode of "In the Know," Luke Diamond and Tiffany Bui speak with four University of Minnesota students who are struggling with the continued non-resident tuition hikes and Features Reporter Audrey Kennedy.

1/24/2019, 7:12am

In the Know: Episode 16

The University of Minnesota is footing $500,000 a day to fund research that is typically funded by the federal government. As the shutdown lingers, the future of landmark projects throughout campus face uncertainty. 

12/12/2018, 11:27pm

In the Know: Episode 15

The Minnesota Daily sits down with one of our own to discuss how diabetes has impacted his life, as well as a new study from the Minnesota Department of Health study that found higher numbers of of hospitalizations in young diabetics. 

12/5/2018, 11:32pm

In the Know: Episode 14

When Alexis Murillo began studying in CFANS, she didn’t expect to channel her efforts to a whole new direction: improving diversity in the college, which is nearly 85 percent white, according to fall 2018 enrollment numbers. 

11/29/2018, 12:24am

In the Know: Episode 13

Over the weekend, the Gophers brought home the axe when they beat the Badgers 37-15 on Saturday. This week's episode of "In the Know" discusses the game and shares the story of one life-long Gopher fan.