Aleezeh Hasan


Hasan: What's in a name?

During the last week, I have found myself extremely disappointed by my home state. As a native Minnesotan, I would like to believe that our “Minnesota nice” is real and that we have reasons to love and brag about our state. Unfortunately, two major events in the last week make that difficult.

Hasan: The pressure to be perfect for Instagram

Every day when I open Instagram, I scroll through stories and pictures of friends, family and classmates, as well as some random people I met one time. While I enjoy Instagram and view it as an excellent resource for entertainment and connecting with friends, it is also clear the use of the app leads to many feeling external pressures to look or be a certain way. 

Hasan: Selective mourning needs to end

On Monday, the world mourned as it heard the news about Notre Dame going up in flames. The tragedy of losing centuries worth of religious history was shocking for everyone. On the same day, at almost the same time, the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem was also on fire. There was far less coverage on the mosque and far fewer posts on my social feeds spoke about that tragedy. But none of this was a surprise. 

Hasan: The blazing trail to legalization

Marijuana as a recreational drug is slowly becoming more acceptable. Within Minneapolis, there are moves toward legalization. Some are even pushing for full legalization by 2022 in Minnesota. While these numbers are hopeful for users, there is also more action that needs to be taken — action for both current users and for past users convicted of crimes due to possession or sales. 

Hasan: The University must reduce its use of plastic

Environmental protection is absolutely necessary. Plastic waste from humans causes our earth to suffer. Trashed plastic specifically tends to end up in the ocean and can be found inside over 90 percent of seabirds in the world. Only a minority of plastic is biodegradable and most plastics cause harm when left in landfills or oceans. 

Hasan: Criticism of Ilhan Omar is unwarranted

Despite the barriers that Omar broke before she was voted into Congress, she still faces backlash based on her identity almost daily. Islamophobic commentary has followed Omar since her first days in government, including the negative reactions to her push to end the headwear ban within the chambers of Congress.

Hasan: One region, no representation

As a graduating senior, I have spent countless hours filling in job applications. On every application, I come across the same question: “What is your race/ethnicity?”  

Hasan: Studying abroad: a white experience

Last semester I was abroad in Rabat, Morocco. It was an incredible experience and I had the chance to meet many new people. The program I was studying with had only 40 people in it, and out of these 40, only eight were people of color. At the beginning of the trip it didn’t seem to be a huge deal. I have grown used to being the only minority in large groups. However, over time, it became clear that many of my peers lacked cultural sensitivity.

Hasan: On Wednesdays we wear maroon

Student groups can be inclusive and valuable spaces within the University. However, there are also problems that can be associated with them. Student-run clubs create independence for their leaders, but they do not always keep leaders in check.