Audrey Kennedy


Day-to-day life differs for those with disabilities at the University

Cole Anderson uses seven elevators to get from his apartment to his first class of the day. He’s usually forced to wait to get in elevators because they’re too full —  often, he sees able-bodied people crowd in while people with mobility aids, like those with scooters or wheelchairs, are left waiting outside. Other times, he gets stuck between buildings, watching students use the single-person-wide ramp in the West Bank Skyway as a walkway.

Multiple complaints filed against campus-wide election group

The All-Campus Elections Commission is under fire for multiple alleged violations during the recent campus elections, including removing a Minnesota Student Association presidential candidate from the ballot and excluding many candidates from its voters' guide.

Southwestern Advantage stirs controversy on campus

After giving his personal information to a recruiter at the University of Minnesota, recent graduate John* trained for months to become a salesman for Southwestern Advantage. But after arriving in Ohio to begin selling for the company in 2016, he started questioning the decision.

Students stress about future amid UMN's tuition hikes

Sunny Raju, a high school senior from Pennsylvania, "fell in love" with the University of Minnesota during a tour of campus. He was planning to enroll at the University in 2019 and someday in medical school — until recent tuition increases made him reconsider.