Austen Macalus


Humor with humility

When he accidentally referred to his routine as “art,” comedian Robert Fones shook his head in embarrassment, half-joking, “God that sounded arrogant.”  

‘What womanhood is’

Scarlett Thompson and Alexandra Hatch, like most high school seniors, are busy handling school, applying to colleges and making time for friends.  

‘Deceptively simple’

Although its title may suggest otherwise, “The Aliens” is a play about ordinary people in ordinary situations.   

Everything but the kitchen sink

Although the Battle of the Jug Bands has been around in one form or another, there is some doubt regarding the origins of the competition.

The only girls in the room

Starting as a comedian can be difficult. Trying to figure out how to sign up for open mics, which local clubs to get booked at and what the heck the blinking red light on stage means — (it’s a signal to wrap it up) — can be intimidating. Plus, it’s never easy being the only woman in the room.

Arguing for laughs

If you’re disappointed after missing Bernie Sanders speak at the RiverCentre in St. Paul last week or saddened by the absence of Donald Trump at the last Republican debate, here’s a pick-me-up.     On Feb.

Starting the year off right at home

Even though he just quit his day job, comedian Adam Quesnell couldn’t be happier.     As he presented his future plans — getting married, settling down in Minneapolis, planning his next stand-up album and touring the Midwest — a huge

‘A Bernie love-fest’

A 70-something-man gesticulating while performing is rarely the center of a rock show.     The most popular exception to this rule has been, of course, Mick Jagger.

Spreading the gospel

At their first show as Gospel Machine, singer Jayanthi Kyle gave communion from around the bar in the 311 Club.