Barry Lytton


Businesses bounce back

For some businesses along the Green Line light rail, the nearly two years of transit construction proved to be too much to keep operations steady.  

Campus Pizza closes its doors after 56 years

Campus Pizza and Pasta, a former Stadium Village staple, drew students and alumni to its vaunted brick-and-mortar storefront throughout its 56-year history. But last month, the business that hosted events ranging from open-mic comedy nights to game day celebrations closed its doors for the last time. Owners of the family-run business said one of the reasons it shut down was because it saw a decrease in foot traffic and sales for a year because of construction on the Green Line light rail.

Target job cuts hitting U students

Just one month after Maggie Schauer secured her first job out of college, her soon-to-be-employer called and told her the position no longer existed.   “I said, ‘So I don’t have a job then?’” she said.

University students win business strategy competition

After spending 24 hours locked in a hotel room with no outside communication, a team of three University of Minnesota students defeated 14 others in a competition to create the best hypothetical plan for a company to effectively incorporate the Affordable Care Act into its business strategy.  

Dinkytown looks to launch new website

In the past year, the Dinkytown Business Alliance has switched leadership and changed its name. But adding to its identity crisis has been an outdated website that members had no control over. In 2008, Tyler Larson, a then-University of Minnesota senior, built a website for the alliance free of charge. After Larson graduated and moved on, the website became outdated but remained the top result on search engines like Google. Now, members hope to combat inaccuracies in the original website with a better one.

No students among MN Cup winners

No University of Minnesota student has ever won the Minnesota Cup, a yearly competition for state-based entrepreneurs that’s hosted by the Carlson School of Management. The admission process for this year’s competition starts on Monday, and in keeping with past years’ records, students have a small chance of taking home the $50,000 grand prize. Some say students’ slim chance of winning the competition is a symptom of their inexperience and fierce competitors.

The more cyclists, the better

After a month of studying and repairing bicycles, two people will ride away from a small shop near the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood on free bikes. A mile south of the West Bank, the nonprofit SPOKES Bike Walk Connect center began its Earn-A-Bike program on Saturday. The program, now in its third year, consists of a four-week course aimed at getting community members who might not otherwise be able to afford a bike on two wheels.

American Dream redefined

Rising from a low economic standing to a higher status is harder to achieve in some places than others. Income inequality is growing nationwide, but how areas are affected by wage differences vary, according to research by University of Minnesota economics professor Fatih Guvenen and Harvard University economist Raj Chetty that was discussed at the McNamara Alumni Center on Thursday.

U may get $120M from state funding introduced

Legislation to set aside an additional $120 million in state funding for the University of Minnesota in 2016-17 has generated discussion among state Senators and support from school officials. University President Eric Kaler presented the institution’s budget request — which includes extending a freeze on tuition rates and boosting Medical School funding — to the state Senate’s higher education committee on Tuesday.