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Local St. Paul tea shop is steeped in tradition

“[At Lady Elegant] there’s no TV, no wifi, so in the moment people will sit down and concentrate on being with each other,” said Wubitu Ayana Sima, who owns the shop with her husband. 

Encapsulating the literary talent of the incarcerated community

“All the stereotypes that we may have about incarcerated men and women — they don’t match up to this deeply nuanced, practiced, crafted poem that is being presented to me," said Mike Alberti, Managing Director of the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop.

Rock the Garden: A hot time, but a good time

Overall, the festival featured a good variety of alternative, indie and rock and ultimately fulfilled its role as an iconic outdoor venue where Minnesotans could come together and enjoy some music. I just hope next year it won’t be as muggy.