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Aveda students show they’re a cut above the rest

The prep area was chaotic as students and teachers rushed to put the finishing touches on extravagant braids and smokey eye shadow. It was only half an hour before the students’ models were expected to take the runway, and everything had to be just right. 

Not sew Minnesota nice

Boasting the cliche “bless this house” or the obscure “not all those who wander are lost,” cross-stitch has adorned every type of fabric-based decor from kitchen towels to pillows. 

Finding a twerk-life balance

After navigating their way through the winding hallways of the A-Mill Artist Lofts on Saturday, around 60 women stuffed their coats in cubbies and found their spots on the dance studio floor, making small talk before their twerk class began.

Early Eyes, big visions

At the Fine Line on Friday, the drums boasted the characteristic logo of an eye with five lashes, a hint at the next band to take the stage. After rocking out to local girl group Last Import, fans waited anxiously for Early Eyes to begin their set.

Slowing down for the sake of art

According to the Weisman Art Museum, the average person spends only 15 to 30 seconds looking at a piece of art. Slow Art Day works to change that.

'#1 of 30' at the Weisman explores body sway and movement

“#1 of 30,” which showed at the Weisman last Sunday, explored the phenomenon of bodily sway and motion. The performance, crafted by choreographer Pramila Vasudevan and Aniccha Arts, was a Collaboration Incubator project for the Weisman’s Target Studio for Creative Collaboration. 

Culture Compass: Trenchball, Transylvania and tea

Big fan of dodgeball? Wait until you hear what trenchball is. While in the traditional game you’re beaned by a foam ball and have to make the dejected trek to the sidelines, in trenchball things are a little different. Players on each team guard three bowling pins without getting hit themselves by stray balls. 

Embrace the Pundamonium

Pun-lovers and word-enthusiasts crowded the basement of The Spring Street Tavern on Wednesday night, clumping together near the stage.