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Last weekend at the Walker: Dancing in a void space

Hiccuped calls of “you” echoed through the dark performance space on Thursday as four dancers wandered the length of the stage. Clad in black flowing clothes, they lurked in dark corridors next to the audience.

Review: “Pippin” brings some serious circus vibes to West Bank

Armed with a white baton, a manic smile and the air of an experienced ringmaster, the leading player took command of her audience Saturday at Rarig Center. Clad in sparkling pants and a small tipped-to-the-side hat, she promised, like any good host would, a night of magic, sex and intrigue.

Bringing consent center stage

“Actually” tells the story of two students, a white Jewish woman and an African-American man, who relive this night to a panel of judges tasked with determining whether or not sexual assault took place.

Culture compass: Stop-motion, pie and lights

Pittsburgh rap duo Social House, known for their popular song “Magic in the Hamptons ft. Lil Yachty” and their work in producing Ariana Grande’s hit “thank u, next,” is coming to the University campus Friday before heading on tour with Grande in the spring. Paired with the feel-good beats of Darnell Williams and the Minneapolis-based music collective the MARAJ, the audience is in for a treat.

Power through movement

Twenty minutes before the other dancers entered the healing space, Deja Stowers lit a stick of incense and walked the proximity of the studio, sending wisps of sweet-smelling smoke curling toward the ceiling.

Review: ‘Potted Potter’ fails to cast a spell over Minneapolis

"Potted Potter" didn’t have some of the props you’d normally expect from a "Harry Potter" reenactment show. For instance, feared antagonist Lord Voldemort donned sparkly red devil horns and an attitude. The dangerous Forbidden Forest was a painted beach scene with black lettering that warned to "KEEP OUT" and the final Battle of Hogwarts featured a sing-off of "I Will Survive" complete with a disco ball and colored lights.