Brenda Tran


A pirate in Minneapolis

Canadian singer-songwriter Beatrice Martin has become a pop star on both sides of the Atlantic.   

DRAKE NITE returns

In what is slowly becoming a Minneapolis tradition, “DRAKE NITE 4” hits the 7th St.

Nonstop game development

Last year in the Rapson Hall courtyard, more than 100 people scrambled to finish game development projects.

Dating disasters on stage

A custom-made Ryan Gosling body pillow, a fake giant fish and a deer head are just a few of the props that can be found scattered around the rehearsal space at Sandbox Theatre.  

Illustrators draw up center stage

Throughout his long career working for clients ranging from Coca-Cola, Disney and General Mills, artist and illustrator Jim Dryden has noticed a reoccurring theme: a lack of opportunity for illustrators to show their noncommissioned work.

A Very Murray Christmas

Local Bill Murray fan and musician Monica LaPlante was beyond ecstatic after being invited to play a Bill Murray-themed Christmas show.    “I think my favorite Bill Murray film would have to be ‘Groundhog Day.’ ... There’s just so many. Who knows, he owns part of the St. Paul Saints, so maybe he’s in town.