Brian Edwards


U creates new application questions

When Robert Stewart was filling out his application to the University of Minnesota in 2009, the doctoral student in sociology hesitated when he got to a question asking about his criminal record.

MN sees rise in distracted drivers

Using pedals, wheels and phones, participants in a virtual driving game are helping Minnesota officials understand distracted driving.  

U data ups driver safety

Brian Davis strapped a video camera to the outside of a car last year and set off to record the painted lines and contours of Greater Minnesota’s major roads and highways.   

U researcher finds large return on transportation investments

As legislators continue debating which transportation projects to fund this session, one University of Minnesota researcher is hoping to help solve their dilemmas.   The Center for Transportation Studies published a report this month that found investing in transp

Lawmakers create biofuel incentives

More environmentally friendly fuel options could soon appear at gas pumps across Minnesota. A bill in the state Legislature would set aside $5 million in incentivized funding over the next two years to produce biofuel — or fuel that is partially made with organic materials — from perennial plants and other crops besides corn, which has traditionally been used to crea