Brian Edwards


Union wouldn’t hit tenure

As the University of Minnesota’s union push continues, faculty members have voiced concerns over its potential effects on tenure and pay.     

Groups rally for mental health collab.

Two University of Minnesota governing bodies may soon team up to battle mental health issues on campus.     The Faculty Consultative Committee, Minnesota Student Association and the Council of Graduate Students met last month to kick-start discussions

U appeal could delay union vote

The vote for a University of Minnesota faculty union could see large delays if the state agrees to hear a University appeal.     The school filed an appeal 

‘Unintended consequences’

Though they bonded in freshman dorms, the four friends couldn’t wait to move into a place of their own off campus.  

City attorney issues pretrial gag order

The Minneapolis city attorney has issued a gag order against lawyers and an unnamed jury in the case of a local lawyer awaiting trial.     Jordan Kushner, a civil rights lawyer, is being charged with three misdemeanors after police escorted him out of

Faculty worry about unionization efforts

While many faculty members at the University of Minnesota vocalized support when a unionization push began again in January, others have questioned the necessity of the organization efforts.     Now, faculty members are turning to other universities fo

Speech resolution advances

In response to recent debates on college campuses, faculty members at the University of Minnesota recently approved a preliminary version of a resolution to protect free speech at the school.     Members of the Faculty Consultative Committee voted 7-2