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Kaler talks 9/11 recognition and Mizzou protest

BY BRIAN EDWARDS Before students leave for Thanksgiving break, University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler sat down for another installment of Kickin’ It with Kaler. In November’s question-and-answer session, Kaler talked about protests, research at the University and his recent trip to Asia. Can you tell us a little about the trip you just got back from?

Rochester enrollment hits plateau

With a recent plateau in enrollment at the University of Minnesota-Rochester, school leaders are looking for ways to boost the student population on the campus.    Enrollment at the school peaked in 2013 but has declined since then, which has prompted UMR to reassess its enrollment strategy as the University plans to exp

Researchers raise issues over funding for projects

University of Minnesota researchers say they spend too much time writing grants for research that may never get funding, according to a recent survey.   University researchers conducted a survey of 342 of the school’s researcher

U focuses on housing for sophomores

While the University of Minnesota wants more students to live in University housing beyond their first year, housing shortages have squeezed the school’s ability to do so.   Amid the school’s ongoing discussions about enrollment strategy, a focus on keeping students in campus housing has surfaced after recent studies showed University students who live in school-affiliated housing for multiple years are more likely to graduate in four years and maintain higher grades.

Opinions differ on HEAPR

State legislators and the University of Minnesota will likely clash over use of Higher Educations Asset Preservation and Renovation funds when lawmakers meet to discuss how to divvy up the funding next year.   As the University has shifted its use of HEAPR funds to

Associate Athletic Director Mike Ellis resigns from U

University of Minnesota Associate Athletic Director Mike Ellis resigned from his position at the University, effective Nov. 20. In a resignation letter sent to the University Interim Athletics Director Beth Goetz, Ellis said while there was no disciplinary action taken or proposed against him, he still felt it was best for his family to leave the University. Ellis plans to accept one of several job offers, he said in the letter.

Law funding in question

As the tumultuous job market for law school graduates continues its recovery, University of Minnesota leaders are wondering whether the Law School still needs the extra financial support it has received in recent years.   School administrators have held that the funding is necessary to maintain the Law School’s high nat

U backtracks on settlement spending

Over the last two years, University of Minnesota leaders failed to seek proper approval before allocating $21.6 million won from lawsuits.   School policy requires that the Board of Regents approve how the school spends settlement money.

Kaler talks athletics and Halloween

The University of Minnesota President recently sat down with the Minnesota Daily for the first time this school year.   In the latest installment of Kickin’ It with Kaler, he talked about the University’s recently approved Athletes Village, the new Bell Museum of Natural History and the affirmative consent policy.

U’s credit outlook degraded

Although a credit rating agency has lowered the University of Minnesota’s credit outlook, regents and administrators say the numbers aren’t too concerning.   The reduced outlook by credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s was prompted by an increase in University debt due to the school taking on projects l