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Group may advocate for Am. Indians

To improve relationships with American Indian tribes and students at the University of Minnesota, the Board of Regents is considering reviving an advisory body made up of state tribal leaders.   The group would include a representative from each of the 11 tribes in Minnesota, as well as University representatives.

University regents ready to move forward with intended medical merger

After years of deliberation and a separate failed merger, the University of Minnesota hopes a recently announced alliance of health care providers will help improve the Medical School’s ranking.   The Board of Regents signed a letter of intent earlier this month that announced a proposed consolidation of

Regents get update on U safety

University of Minnesota officials want to address the common perception that the school is unsafe.   University of Minnesota Police Chief Matthew Clark  laid out a two-pronged approach to campus safety regarding crime and student drinking to the Board of Reg

Athletics complex approved

After months of discussion, the University of Minnesota’s Board of Regents approved the $166 million Athletes Village project on Friday.    The approval of the 320,000-square-foot

Union pay increases slowly at U

As wages continue to grow at a steady pace for many employees at the University of Minnesota, those represented by some unions are being left behind.    For the past six years, administrators, faculty and staff have had wages increase by more than 2 percent, while members of the

U may take on debt for facility

Less than halfway to its $166 million fundraising goal, the University of Minnesota may take on debt to break ground on its Athletes Village.    The Board of Regents will vote 

Update suggests gender equity issues

The University of Minnesota has released a seven-page update on gender equity investigations that implied potential Title IX noncompliance in some areas of the school’s athletics department.   The report — released to the

University aims to downsize

Future University of Minnesota students may have a smaller campus to navigate, as the Board of Regents prepares to scale back the square footage of the school.   The board is working to trim office sizes and create more collaborative spaces.

Former coaches file suit

Claiming they were discriminated against, three former University of Minnesota-Duluth coaches are suing the University’s Board of Regents.

Regents talk compensation strategy at U

With salaries and benefits taking up the majority of the University of Minnesota’s budget, school leaders are looking for ways to better determine employee compensation.   For the past six years, the University has increased salaries and benefits — whi