Bronwyn Miller


Questionable access

When we talk about abortion, our conversations are usually informed by what we consider fact in this country: that abortion has been legal since 1973. Despite conflicting moral views and political stances, we all know of Roe v. Wade and generally believe that in this country, abortion is an available option for someone who is pregnant. 

Give AJAM a chance

In the wake of its Aug. 20 launch, a lot has been said about the news network Al Jazeera America. Depending on who you listen to, it’s either a “mouthpiece of global terrorism” or the remedy to everything that’s wrong with American journalism — or something in between.

In the car, I just can’t wait

These days, classic, easily ascertainable, pick-you-up-at-seven dating sometimes feels like an endangered species. When the result of a “Call Me Maybe” is actually some attempt at courtship, it can feel like a surprise amid the late night texts and Facebook trolling that have become the expected protocol for relationship groundwork.

Unwarranted targeting

Growing up, my friends and I found it entertaining to search lists of unusual laws and laugh at the absurdity of certain mandates. Dominoes cannot be played on Sunday in Alabama. It is illegal to take a lion to the theater in Baltimore, Md. And you can’t sell doughnut holes in Lehigh, Neb.

Domestic violence is everyone’s problem

he results of the first comprehensive global analysis of violence against women reveal that about a third of all women have been physically or sexually assaulted by a partner.

Still sexist

When I hear the words “I’m a feminist, but..,” I already know that the clause that follows will almost certainly aggravate me. However, I was still unprepared for the ultimate palm-to-forehead experience I had when the end of that sentence was, “but I don’t eat pussy.”

Internship survival guide

For many college students, summer means more than day drinking and vacations: It’s internship season. Internships are generally considered an invaluable way to garner firsthand, real-life experience, yet they can range from the good, the bad and the ugly. Even if your internship is hardly a cakewalk, sticking it out is often worth a line on your résumé or a prestigious reference. Take note of these tips to help you along the way. Drop your expectations

Clitorally speaking

  Since it’s the last issue of the semester, I wanted to go out with a bang — or at least encourage you to. Luckily, the first-ever International Clitoris Awareness Week, going on now, gives us all the perfect reason.

Collins is not alone

  Last week, the Sports Illustrated cover story featured NBA player Jason Collins, who revealed he is gay. His words on the front cover sum up the significance of his disclosure: “I didn’t set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But since I am, I’m happy to start the conversation.”

Love for the liberal arts

Yesterday, the College of Liberal Arts Student Board put on CLA Day, a celebration for those of us who are often told we are pursuing degrees that are “worthless,” “useless,” “easy” and “lazy.” My favorite overheard of the day nicely summed up the disdain commonly held by our non-CLA counterparts: “Why do they need a party when they party all year long?”