Bronwyn Miller


Not your baby

This weekend, in honor of the delightfully warm temps, I happily hopped out the front door in a skirt sans tights for the first time this year. I had barely skipped down my three front steps to the sidewalk when a car full of guys rolled by and they yelled, “Show us your boobs!” among a variety of other colorful statements. After honking up a storm, they then proceeded to blast “Candy Shop” and trail me going five miles an hour for two blocks. Needless to say, my thrilled attitude was crushed immediately.

Cue the T-Pain

The change in seasons can mean only one thing — time for a spring fling. Look no further than the University of Minnesota Secret Admirers Facebook page to find plenty of people who agree. Between heavy emoticon usage and puns ranging from witty to weird, it’s confirmed: People all over campus are feeling thirsty.


  Today marks the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day, a reminder of our respon­sibility to treat our planet with respect and care. In recent years, this holiday — and the recognition it inspires — feels more impor­tant than ever. For five consecutive years, Gallup poll results have indicated that Americans are more interested in protect­ing economic growth than in protecting the environment when the two goals conflict. Prior to 2008, Americans gave precedent to the environment every year beginning in 1984, when the question was first asked.

An ode to paleness

  Since we’ll all soon be showing more skin as the weather gets warmer, I might as well get this off my chest now. When it comes to paleness, I’m the fairest of them all. The mirror, mirror on the wall can confirm. Bronwyn, a Welsh name, literally means “white breast.” I never had a chance. I’ve gotten used to being the token Casper at all warm-weather gatherings. We don’t need to put our arms out and compare who’s tanner. You win.

The other f-word

    Practicing feminism means endorsing equal freedom of choice for everyone. It should be something that all genders alike wear as a badge of pride, but the perpetuation of the myths of feminism have created an environment in which the feminist identity is associated only with being radical, angry, man-hating, leg hair-bearing and a lesbian.

Equal pay for equal work

Tuesday marked an important holiday, but rather than emphasizing a cause to “celebrate,” it was a day of critical recognition for the gender inequality that persists in our country. It was National Equal Pay Day.

Stress less, live better

  With the semester winding down and workload cranking up, many of us hardly need a reminder about stress. But although stress may at times be a necessary evil, it does not have to be a crushing inevitability. What’s more, our reaction to it matters. National Stress Awareness Month provides an important opportunity to put a check on our life stressors and hone our techniques for managing them.

Come together

Since my last few weeks have involved adopting the one-hit-wonder “Umma Do Me” as my personal theme song and, um, doing me, you can imagine my dismay when the British decided to crush my single-girl swag last week by releasing new research that suggests isolation and loneliness can lead to a premature death. Harsh reality check, mate.

Rethinking health

This year, I’m applying spring cleaning to more than just my overflowing closet. As the slush melts away and beauty is restored in nature, I hope to similarly renew my appreciation for the beauty I’ve lost sight of in my own life. In conjunction with the transition between seasons, I too am on an endeavor for change: new beginnings, new aspirations and a new sense of clarity.

Where do we go from here?

In case you are due for a “What the hell am I going to do with my life and how will I eat” freak-out, look no further than the March 26 New York Times article, “Do Millennials Stand a Chance in the Real World?” Spoiler alert: We don’t. As the Times reported, economists share a “persistent fear” that our generation has entered a “permanently lower earnings and savings trajectory,” which is a fancy way of saying that we’re going to be dead broke and definitely not as rich as our parents ever were.