Bronwyn Miller


Safe sex is great sex

  Fresh out of the second weekend of No Shame November, let’s talk about everyone’s favorite topic for a Monday morning: sexually transmitted diseases. Perhaps the last STD reality check you got was in high school health class when pictures of genitals with cauliflower-like growths almost made you lose your lunch. Maybe you made mental notes and figured that as long as you stayed away from what you saw in those images, you were good to go.

Still ‘Fifteen’

In case you haven’t heard, Taylor Swift has a new album out. It’s at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, and it sold 1.21 million copies in its opening week, representing the biggest single week for a release since 2002.

Don’t text me, bro

Last night, I spent five minutes deciding if I should use “ha” instead of “haha” in a text. At that moment, I realized that getting an unlimited texting plan likely ruined any chance I ever had at romantic success. I’m not ashamed to admit that I engage in the number exchange at bar close from time to time. But when one person types the other person’s number in and the other responds, “text me so I have yours,” the interaction is doomed from the beginning.

A shot at single parents

During last Tuesday’s debate, in response to a question about gun regulation, Gov. Mitt Romney decided to shift to what he views as the real issue behind violence: single parenting. To Romney, the solution to violent crime is not legislation, it’s fewer single-parent families. Ironically, Romney said all this while standing next to someone who was raised by a single mom — and is now the president. As I am also the product of a single mom, I reacted to Romney’s words with disbelief, sadness and outrage.

Haters on Halloween

Now that homecoming and the Zombie Pub Crawl have come to a close, many people are looking toward the next October event that involves heavy drinking and dress-up: Halloween. As we all scour for the perfect costume, a common controversy arises: Why do all the costumes for women seem most fitting to wear while popping out of a cake? Why would the word “sexy” ever appear next to “mental institution escapee” or “hamburger”?

Bitch Bad, or is it good?

Cue the Trina and the Nicki Minaj. The proclamations that correlate female independence, strength and fierceness with being a “bad bitch” abound.

Violence Against Women Act

One in four American women experience violence at the hand of an intimate partner. Women ages 16 to 24 experience rape at a rate four times higher than all women do.

Dear David

Dear David, it’s been almost two years since we lost you, and I still don’t know how to accept that you’re not coming back.

All the single ladies

That’s right; it’s National Singles Week. And yes, I’m proudly single. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen way too many episodes of Law and Order: SVU, and I’m basically expecting to get abducted at all times. Being trigger happy with Mace doesn’t make the best first impression. Or maybe it’s because I’ve always refused to forward chain emails, so I’m pretty much destined to a life of misery.

Not just a phase

"The characters on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Sex and the City’ are not real. In real life, Meredith and Carrie would have warts or herpes. They’d likely be on Prozac or Zoloft.”