Caroline Skoog


Skoog: What about whataboutism’s advantages?

Recently defined in the Oxford dictionary as “the technique or practice of responding to an accusation or difficult question by making a counter-accusation or raising a different issue,” the term “whataboutism” has risen in popularity in both political discourse and everyday conversation. 

Skoog: I’m hungry for clarity and student voices

Maybe the less we know about Aramark's connection to the UDS contract, and consequently the contract’s labor and union abuses, the more likely they are to quietly return to the University’s dining halls next year. 

Skoog: My big fat Greek column

So, what do greek chapters know that the rest of us GDIs (God D*** Independents, a term for non-greek life students) don’t? 

Skoog: No justice, no peace, more police?

With its history of brutal discrimination, not to mention the fact that Minneapolis cops haven’t been required to live in the precinct that they police since 1999, increasing law enforcement’s presence doesn’t seem like a move to strengthen community ties, but rather an effort to subjugate marginalized communities.